Take the #OneStepADay challenge for holistic health improvement
Take the OneStepADay challenge for holistic health improvement

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Take the #OneStepADay challenge for holistic health improvement

Max Bupa

23 September 2020

Holistic health is all about aligning the mind, body and soul. Since our current situation has led to increased stress levels, it has made it all the more important to take a step back, refocus and take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

If you want to destress, there are things that you can do as an individual, as well as a family, that can provide rounded therapeutic experiences, boost physical health, bring mental peace and create stronger bonds.

So, take the #OneStepADay challenge wherein you just have to pick one activity to do, and keep up with it as the days go by. To help you out, we have listed ten activities that you can try to improve your holistic health-

Go to the park:

Going to a public park or just out in your housing colony to take a walk, jog or do some light exercises is one of the easiest ways to have some downtime. You can also take your kids to play games and meet fitness goals as a family. However, pick a time when the space is less crowded and remember to maintain social distancing throughout.

Cookout with your family:

Since we are all cooped up at home and trying to avoid eating outside food, it is the perfect time to indulge in some healthy eating. Get together with your family to make some tasty, healthy meals on the weekends. If you have the space in your balcony or backyard, you can also set up a barbeque and grill some meats and veggies. It will be a good change from the routine and feel like a vacation too!

Pro-tip: Take a cooking class online while you're at it to learn a new skill during this quarantine.

Grow your own vegetables:

Starting your own garden can be as simple as growing some herbs like coriander, basil, etc. and then move on to vegetables like tomatoes, chillies, potatoes etc. Not only is gardening a great way to relax, but it will also ensure you and your family have fresh, unadulterated vegetables at your disposal at all times.

Take an online dance class:

If you love getting some exercise but don't want to take up bodyweight exercises or running, there is no better time than now to learn a new dance form. You can rope in your partner and learn a couple dance such as Salsa or Bachata or even go solo with Hip-hop and Classical. If you have certain fitness goals you would like to achieve, you can also take up online Zumba classes to get in your daily dose of cardio.

Play games:

Nothing is better for improving holistic health than spending time with your family. Gather your partner, kids, parents and have a game night. Get out the board games, pictionary, dumb charades or just cards. Not only is it a great way to bond, have a great time and make amazing memories; but will also help you reduce your screen time which can do wonders for your mental health.

Take an art class:

If you have always wanted to learn to paint but never found the time, do it now. You can take online art classes for collage-making, painting or sketching. It can be a great way to express yourself, and the colours are truly therapeutic to play around with. After all, even if it is not worthy of being hung in your living room, it is a great way to relax and appreciate the little things in life.

Do DIY home renovations:

Pick a project to do with your family. Does a room need a paint job? Or do the kids needs an additional shelf? You can take up a project to do. This will help you work with your kids as well as beautify your home.

Take a staycation:

Something as simple as taking a weekend trip with your loved ones can do wonders for your mental and physical rejuvenation. Whether it is a close relatives' place or a friend's, the change can really help lift your spirits. You can also book a resort provided they follow sanitisation procedures and drive there to reduce your exposure.

Note: Remember to maintain social distancing during the journey and the stay.

Volunteer to help the less privileged:

Times are tough, and you will always find someone who is less fortunate than you. Take time off every week to help others. It could be donating food, volunteering at your temple or church, helping someone find a job, arranging food and clothing drive, etc. You can also do something as simple as ensuring the stray animals in your neighbourhood are fed and have a place to sleep at night.

Indulging in activities with your loved ones is a great way to spend quality time and bond. However, to ensure complete safety, get a comprehensive health insurance cover that protects all members of your family from known and unknown health risks. A family health insurance plan covers out-patient and in-patient hospitalisation expenses, including built-in protection for Covid-19 health insurance.

So, if you haven't got coverage against COVID-19 yet, #Insurecare with Max Bupa today

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