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21 June 2019


What do we mean by glut of paper product, is it having any effect on the environment. by it we mean excessive abundant supply of paper in the market. Large volumes of paper fibre have been recycled in worldwide. Recovery of paper for recycling has increased in recent years due to widespread expansion of paper collection and sorting (e.g., community-based curb side collection, sorting, and office wastepaper collection). The increase in collection and sorting has a directly or indirectly a response to availability of landfills; long-term environmental, economic, and human health problems associated with land- fills and waste increments; and increasing costs of waste disposal. By collecting and sorting material for recycling, disposal costs have been avoided. However, expansion of collection and sorting programs has led to cheaper and more abundant supplies of recovered paper, providing the market incentive for industrial expansion of paper recycling.


Prices for recovered paper vary over time and by category of recovered paper: old newspapers and mixed papers have the lowest prices, pulp substitutes and high grades of recovered paper have the highest prices, and old corrugated containers intermediate prices. As a result of increased collection and recovery it is called as “glut” in recovered paper markets. The paper industry has responded to the market signal of sustained low prices for recovered paper by increasing the use of recycled fibre relative to virgin fibre. Since the late 1980s, there has been a significant increase in paper recycling rates in response to market conditions.


At a time when record numbers of people are recycling, those who want to recycle used newspapers will now have to pay a hefty fee as a result of a newspaper glut. Since the rate of recycling the paper products is increasing which earlier used to be for free? The newspaper glut also stems from the lack of businesses and retailers stocking recycled paper products. More than half of the waste paper generated in the city is thrown out as opposed to being recycled. That's out of about 1 million tons annually.


This glut is increasing due to no use of recycled paper by the newspaper agency and the various universities. This would lead to lower down in the prices of the recycle newspaper and in turn newspaper collector are also stopping in doing their business since no profit is turning in. Well, serious regulations have to be made by the government regarding the issue.