The ultimate pregnancy survival guide

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03 July 2020

Pregnancy is not just the birth of a child, it’s the birth of a mother too. That ultimate destination is filled with a journey that has its fair share of new highs and lows, chills and thrills. Here’s how to make this journey exciting and stress-free with the ultimate pregnancy survival guide.


Pregnancy increases your blood flow, metabolism and body temperature, which generates extra heat in the body. Therefore, you need to drink water at least 4 to 5 litres a day to regulate your body temperature and ensure all the vital nutrients are reaching your baby. Not just that, drink homemade lemonade, smoothies and fresh juices, which also add extra hydration and nutrition for your baby. Citrus fruits like lemon and orange have plenty of Vitamin C while fruits like Mango are high in folic acid, which is critical for foetal growth and development. Smoothies and milkshakes ensure intake of proteins, healthy fats, calcium and other minerals to keep you cool and nourished. And remember, avoid coffee and tea as pregnant women are allowed only 200 mg of caffeine per day. Instead, try decaffeinated tea and coffee.


While fluids are important, there is a flip side to it. Pregnancy causes oedema, a health condition where there is extra swelling in your legs due to excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells and tissues. This happens because your body is trying to nurture your baby with increased blood circulation and body fluids, which causes swelling. Your ankles and feet are affected the most, which hampers your daily tasks and activities. That’s why it is best to keep your feet up every few hours to reduce the buildup of fluids and swelling in your feet. You can also perform special feet and ankle exercises to improve blood circulation. Also, avoid salty foods as they will tend to absorb more moisture. You should eat or drink diuretics like celery, coriander and other citrus fruits to flush out the extra fluids from your body. Bottom line - Your feet up keeps your oedema down.


The last thing you want during pregnancy is to be wrapped in tight clothes, which can cause excessive sweating, skin irritation and dehydration. Therefore, wear light, loose and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and georgette in the summers. In the winters, you need to switch to lighter jackets with a zipper so that you can wear and remove them quickly with your baby bump. Don’t wear too many layers of innerwear, which will suffocate you. Put on a heater instead and stay cozy in your room. Pack those heels and get those flip-flops out. Wear long and loose maxi or maternity dresses, which are airy and accentuate your baby bump.


Wondering what to do at home? Here’s one idea to keep your spirits up. Sit on the sofa and tap on Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services. Thanks to these platforms, you will forget the pregnancy blues or mood swings. Access great content that will keep you engaged indoors rather than going out and falling ill. A word of caution, don’t watch horror and thriller movies as they can cause anxiety during pregnancy. On the other hand, romance and comedy movies keep your spirits up and also release endorphins, the happy chemicals. Plus, you can munch plenty of healthy snacks at your discretion like nuts, dry fruits and even a small serving of popcorn or nachos. Still, need a reason to chill out at home?


Contrary to popular beliefs, mild exercises during pregnancy is actually a great way to beat stress and also increase blood circulation. Exercises like Yoga help to get rid of the mental stress while swimming reduces your body temperature instantly. Plus, the added buoyancy in the pool helps you to exercise with less pressure on your feet and arms.

Hope you have a great pregnancy and your family remains healthy. Speaking of which, it’s important to keep your family always protected with health insurance like Max Bupa. We have a range of health plans that cover infants as well as senior citizens at over 4000 hospitals around the country.

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