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Top 10 Benefits of Comparing Health Insurance Plans Online

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Benefits of Comparing Health Insurance Policies Online | Max Bupa

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19 November 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of health insurance for every individual so that they can be financially prepared for any eventuality in the future. The average expenditure incurred by a patient who needed critical care for treating Covid-19 was Rs 5 lakhs and above. Only a meagre 3.1% of those who tested positive had bought a health insurance policy.

The rising hospital expenses means that you should not delay purchasing a health insurance plan from a reliable provider that can ensure that you get the best possible medical care when the need arises. However, before you zero upon the right insurer, remember to compare health insurance plans available in the market online to find the one that is suitable for you.


Benefits of Comparing Health Insurance Online -


1. It is Easy


Comparing health insurance policies is easier online as you simply need to go to the websites of various insurers to get the relevant information as per the parameters of importance to you.


2. It is Free


You are not charged any fee for online health insurance comparison. This means that you can get a quote for a policy as per the coverage that you require, any number of times without worrying about whether you will have to pay for it.


3. It is Convenient 


One of the main benefits of comparing health insurance online is that you no longer have to go to various insurance providers and discuss the details of health insurance plans. Instead you can do your research from the comfort of your home or even on the go on your smartphone to know which plan is the best for you.


4. It can be Done Anytime


Most companies have fixed office timings during which they might require you to visit the branch for any enquiry about prospective policy purchase. It might not be possible for you to take a day off or visit in person in case you also have commitments at work. However, you can compare health insurance plans even in the night on your laptop at home or even during free time at work.


5. It Saves Time


Online health insurance comparison is the best way to optimise your time when you are buying health insurance policy for yourself or your family. No need to go through lengthy paperwork at the insurance office or dealing with an agent or insurance executive. You can do your analysis peacefully and quietly at your pace online by feeding in data to get quotes.


6. It is Economical


Most insurers offer low cost policies at reasonable rates with sufficient coverage for those who prefer to buy online. Hence comparing health insurance plans gives you an advantage of paying less on the health insurance premium as compared to a policy purchased offline, without compromising on the cover offered by the insurer.


7. It helps you Calculate your Premium


Most insurers offer health insurance premium calculators online that help you arrive at the amount that you are required to pay at the time of purchasing a policy as per the coverage chosen by you. You can try different permutations and combinations of the cover required as well as the plans offered when you compare health insurance policies across the board to choose a premium that fits your budget.


8. It helps you choose your Desired Coverage


Online health insurance comparison is a good tool to widen your understanding of the different coverage options available to you. Whether you opt for family health insurance plans or individual health insurance plans, you can sift through cover inclusions and exclusions to realise what you need to personalise your policy as per your needs.


9. It helps you Choose Additional Services


It is important to know the claim settlement ratio of the insurer apart from premium rates and details of the health cover. You can also consider if the policy comes with annual medical check-ups, shorter waiting period, emergency ambulance services, no room rent capping, among other services. This can further lessen your out-of-pocket treatment cost.


10. It gives you the Power of Choice


One of the most important benefits of comparing health insurance policies is that you get to make an informed decision yourself without any interference from any external forces. This gives you more control over your finances as well as clarity on your needs and goals in the future.




Keep the above pointers in mind when you compare health insurance plans online to help you get a desired cover as per your requirements. You can also opt for a health insurance policy from Max Bupa that comes with a quick 30-minute claim processing, cashless treatment at network hospitals, diagnostic and pharmacy services at your doorstep as well as tele-consultations with expert doctors to provide you assistance without stepping outside. So, secure the health of your loved ones today and stay worry free!    


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