Top 10 Myths about Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Top 10 myths about coronavirus

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Top 10 Myths about Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Max Bupa

21 July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped the world in its tracks and India is not exempt. Even as governments and medical experts try to curb the spread of the virus further, many myths surrounding covid-19 prevail.

Here are top 10 myths about coronavirus (covid-19):

1.  Holding your breath for ten seconds without coughing or discomfort means you don’t have Covid-19

This was one of the earliest myths that did the rounds and has no scientific basis to it. There are many who can’t hold their breath for that time and still have no infection or vice-versa, and the only way to know if you have the infection is to get yourself tested for covid-19.

2.  Spraying alcohol/chlorine on skin kills viruses

Applying these two ingredients can actually pose a hazard to your skin or if the chlorine or alcohol enters your mouth or eyes. These chemicals may be used to disinfect surfaces but stay away from using them on your body.

3.  Only elderly people are at risk

People of all age groups have been affected by the coronavirus. Elderly people stand a higher risk because they have a higher fatality rate for the coronavirus because of certain existing medical conditions such as diabeteshypertension or asthma, among others.

4.  Covid-19 is just a case of bad flu

Although the virus causes flu-like symptoms, it is not a mere flu and can severely impair health in serious cases. The covid-19 infection rate and case fatality rates may be higher than the normal flu so wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain a physical distance of six feet from others. Make sure to buy one of the health insurance plans in India. As India crosses the one million mark of those infected by Covid-19, it is important that you and your loved ones stay secure in the unfortunate event of contracting the virus.

The IRDAI has mandated all insurance companies to include coronavirus coverage in existing health insurance plans. Check with your insurance company and see if your existing health insurance plan serves your needs well. You could also opt for Corona Kavach, an IRDAI mandated insurance plan aimed specifically at coronavirus-related expenses. All health insurance schemes have both family health insurance plans and individual health insurance plans. Accordingly, there is Corona Kavach for family and Corona Kavach for individual.

5.  Vitamin C can cure the coronavirus infection

Although taking supplements of Vitamin C helps, it cannot cure or fight off the coronavirus. It is a good boost for your immune system but not a cure for the virus.

Vitamin C supplements are prescribed for those with mild symptoms or those taking home treatment. One of the benefits of buying health insurance specifically for coronavirus, such as Corona Kavach, is that it offers cover for home care although the insurance provider will require you to authenticate that you were prescribed such a treatment by the medical expert concerned.

6.  Eating garlic prevents Coronavirus  infection

It is known that garlic has some antimicrobial attributes and is good for general health. However, according to the WHO, there is no evidence that eating garlic can prevent the covid-19 infection in any way.

You would need to follow best practices such as masking, handwashing and physical distancing, and staying away from places that are Covid-19 hotspots. You would also do well to consider one of the health insurance plans. One of the major tips to buy health insurance in India is to check network hospital coverage offered by the insurance firm. Check if the hospital coverage is wide and whether the hospitals you may visit/in your vicinity are included in the unfortunate event of you contracting the infection.

Yet another important tip while buying health insurance is to consider the waiting period. Typically, this could be 30 days, but for the coronavirus indemnity package, the initial waiting period for claims has been lowered to 15 days by insurance providers like Max Bupa.

7.  Drinking alcohol protects you from coronavirus

Drinking alcohol doesn’t in any way offer protection from the virus. In fact, the harmful impact of alcohol has already been well established and can only increase your risk of health issues.

8.  Thermal scanners can detect the virus

Thermal screening is used not because it can detect the coronavirus but because it can detect fevers. A fever or rise in temperature is one of the symptoms of covid-19 and it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone with fever has the coronavirus. However, thermal scanning helps to screen people with fevers so they can be isolated.

9.  5G mobile networks spread coronavirus infection

Bizarre as it may sound, this is one myth that has done its rounds on social networking sites. The virus cannot be communicated on radio waves or mobile networks. Covid-19 spreads via respiratory droplets when a person who has been infected speaks, sneezes or coughs. You can also catch the infection if you touch surfaces that an infected person has touched.

10.  Sunning yourself kills the virus

You can catch the coronavirus irrespective of the weather conditions as it has already been shown across the world. Countries with high summer temperatures have also shown a high incidence of the virus -- take India, for instance. So, sunning yourself doesn’t lower your chances of contracting the virus or killing it.

So, next time you see these myths, bust them with vigour and instead tell people to stay protected with masks, handwashing and physical distancing. Educate them about the benefits of health insurance at a time such as this.

If you don’t have health insurance, getting a plan online is effortless. You don’t necessarily have to visit an agent or an office so you can stay home safe and get a digital first policy. You could even arrange for a telephone call to get your policy done. You would have done your family and yourself a huge favour by putting a solid health insurance plan in place to take care of future financial needs.

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