Top 20 Foods that are High in Vitamin C
Top 20 Foods that are High in Vitamin C
Posted On : 06 January 2021, 6 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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There are several foods rich in vitamin C. Foods containing vitamin C are vitamin that is water soluble, vegetables and fruits in particular. Many of us pay huge hospitalization expenses because we do not eat healthy food. There is no use in getting equipped with individual health insurance if you don't eat nourishing food. Foods rich in vitamin C have positive effects on maintenance of skin, blood vessels, bones and immune function. Therefore, its essential to have right food such that the vitamin C enriched foods are in our daily diet.


How much should one consume Vitamin C enriched foods every day?


Vitamin C is very essential to consume foods rich in vitamin C since it can't be stored or produced in the human body.


According to the ODS, daily allowance of vitamin C enriched foods for adult is:



  • ●       90 mg for males
  • ●       75 mg for females
  • ●       85 mg when pregnant
  • ●       120 mg when breastfeeding
  • ●       an additional 35 mg for people who smoke


Vitamin C Foods List



There are numerous foods and fruits containing vitamin C that you can consume. There are a vast range of varieties of foods that are the best vitamin C foods, and it doesn't matter how one prefers to have it. With the given fruits high in vitamin C you can get rid of your vit C symptoms.


Vitamin C foods list is as follows:



● Fruits Rich in Vitamin C  -


  1. 1. Strawberries: one cup of strawberry halves provides 89 mg vitamin C
  2. 2. Papayas: one cup provides 87 mg vitamin C and is one of the fruits that contain vitamin C
  3. 3. Lychees: 7.5 mg vitamin C is provided by one lychee
  4. 4. Guavas: 126 mg vitamin C is provided by one guava and is one of the fruits that contain vitamin C
  5. 5. Kiwis: 71 mg vitamin C is provided by single medium sized kiwi packs.
  6. 6. Acerola Cherries: Just one and half cup of acerola Cherries can meet 822 mg vitamin C
  7. 7. Kakadu Plum: It contains 100 times more vitamin C than oranges
  8. 8. Rose hips: Nearly six rose hips contribute 119 mg vitamin C and is another fruit high on vitamin C


● Citrus Fruits Rich in Vitamin C -


Citrus fruits that contain vitamin C, which can also help u to boost immunity.


Vitamin C foods list that includes citrus fruits are as follows:


  1. 1. Grapefruit: half of grapefruit contains 38.4 mg vitamin C
  2. 2. Lemons: 83 mg vitamin C is delivered by one whole raw lemon, including its peel.
  3. 3. Orange: one medium-sized orange provides 70 mg vitamin C



● Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C -


  1. 1. Kale: It is one of the vitamin C rich vegetables. 80 mg vitamin C is provided by one cup of chopped raw kale
  2. 2. Broccoli: 51 mg vitamin C is provided by one and half cups of cooked broccoli. This is another one of the vitamin C rich vegetables
  3. 3. Cauliflower: 51 mg vitamin C is delivered by one cup of raw cauliflower
  4. 4. Kohlrabi: 84 mg ascorbic acid is delivered by it and you can add it in your diet as one of your vitamin C rich vegetables


Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C in India


There are many other fruits rich in vitamin c as well as varieties of vegetables rich in vitamin C which we should include in our daily diet. It is not always possible to get hold of the fruits that are not available in India, so it becomes essential to consume vitamin C rich Indian foods. In vitamin C rich Indian food, we have cereals other than fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C rich Indian food are as follows:


1. Fruits High in Vitamin C -


  1. 1. Indian gooseberry
  2. 2. Limes


2. Vegetables High in Vitamin C -


  1. 1. Potatoes
  2. 2. Broccoli
  3. 3. Cauliflower


Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms


Not having adequate amounts of foods containing vitamin C means suffering through different health disorders. This is why one should always intake foods high in vitamin C. The fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can help you with any of the given issues that you might be facing.


Always include the best vitamin C foods to keep away from the following vitamin C deficiency symptoms:


  • ●       Depression
  • ●       Joint pain
  • ●       Bleeding gums
  • ●       Tooth falls
  • ●       Problems with wound bleeding



Buying health insurance plans includes choosing right health insurance plans. Purchasing the best health insurance plan means getting a mediclaim policy, which has no hassles while asking for claims. However, getting health insurance plans is not enough. It is also estimated that consumption of foods containing vitamin C may lower the risk of heart complications and heart disease. But there are other studies that are not convinced with the fact that only the best vitamin C food can alone improve heart health. Consumption of enough foods high in vitamin C is fairly straightforward since it comes along with many health benefits.

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