What are the Deductibles in Health Insurance in India?
What are the Deductibles in Health Insurance in India?
Posted On : 27 January 2021, 8 Months Ago. Health_insurance
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The core reason people opt for health insurance plans is so that they can reduce the blow of the financial risk that comes with medical emergencies. Health insurance covers more than just hospitalization expenses. It can extend to one’s critical illness care, outpatient treatment, cost of the ambulance, and medical supplies. As a result, health insurance comes with an array of terminologies, terms, conditions, and exclusions. One of these terms is known as health insurance deductibles.


What are Deductibles in Health Insurance?


A deductible is essentially a limit that has been set by the health insurance provider on one’s policy. Deductible insurance will specify the part of the claim amount that the policyholder will be required to bear themselves before they can avail of claim settlement from their insurer. Hence, a deductible is an amount you will have to pay each time you claim your insurance. The goal of deductibles is to warm off the potential of unnecessary claims.


Here are Some Other Functions of Deductibles in Health Insurance:


  • ● The interests of the insurance providers are safeguarded against any unnecessary and unreasonable claims.
  • ● Policyholders are prevented from spending exorbitantly on healthcare luxuries they do not need.
  • ● Encourages policyholders to utilize their health insurance for genuine emergencies.
  • ● Prevents fraudulent claims from being booked.


There are different types of deductibles one can choose from. These are as follows:


1. Compulsory Deductible


While they vary from one policy to another, a compulsory deductible is one that is governed by different health insurance providers. It comes with an amount that is fixed that an insurer has to pay on each claim before the health insurance company can settle that claim.


2. Comprehensive Deductible


A comprehensive deductible is a single deductible that applies to all the covers you add to your insurance policy. This kind of deductible grows cumulatively until you have paid the amount that was required from your policy in full.


3. Non-Comprehensive Deductible


A non-comprehensive deductible applies only to some specific cover specified under your health insurance policy. You are only required to pay it prior to getting the claim settled in order to meet certain medical treatment expenses.


4. Voluntary Deductible


This kind of deductible is both voluntary and optional for the insured so one can reduce their insurance premium.


5. Crucial Things About Health Insurance Deductibles


It’s vital to consider your insurance deductible as a crucial factor when deciding which insurance policy is best for you. When choosing a health plan for yourself, or your family members, look at policies that offer deductibles in amounts that you are comfortable with.



Keep these five things in mind when considering health insurance deductibles:


  1. 1. Opting for a higher deductible is probably not worth your time as the lower your deductible limit is the better it is for you as a policyholder.
  2. 2. The deductible will be a fixed amount that has to mentioned in insurance policy terms and conditions or in the policy documents themselves.
  3. 3. The amount offered as deductible will be different depending upon the policyholder one chooses.
  4. 4. Health insurance deductibles are calculated based on your income, insurance coverage, the sum insured, and other such things.
  5. 5. In case you pay off your deductible for this year in a single go, then you are required to pay it off for the next year as well.




When it comes to buying health insurance, it is crucial to look beyond simple coverage. What is conventional is that higher deductibles work well when one is blessed with good health. However, there is so much diversity in insurance deductibles that you can easily use deductibles to your advantage if you wish to pay lower premiums. The best health insurance providers offer moderate deductibles at affordable costs with maximum coverage to policyholders.

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