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What Coronavirus Patients Should Eat while Recovering

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Food Items Coronavirus Patients Should be Eating | Max Bupa

Max Bupa

23 November 2020

Amidst rising hospital expenses and an increase in mental health illnesses, good nutrition is something extremely important for people. In a time when social distancing has become part of everyday life and stress levels are increasing with each passing day, the need to have access to good nutrition is essential.

Good nutrition is especially essential for people who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. In order to make sure that the immune system receives all the vital nutrition it requires, food for Coronavirus patients are required to carry some essential nutritional values. 


List of Healthy Food Items for Corona Recovery:


1. Vegetables and Fruits


The foremost things that need to be added to the list of food for Corona recovery would be vegetables and fruits. Veggies as well as fruits are amazing sources of vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibres, minerals and folates. It has also been suggested to unaffected people to consume fruits and vegetables alongside following the rules of social distancing. Before there are any symptoms of Coronavirus, it is best to ensure the strengthening of one’s immune system. 


2. Calories


While talking about food for a Covid-19 patient’s recovery, calories become immensely important. With all the draining of energy caused due to the symptoms of Coronavirus and the added ill-effects on mental health, the body requires a huge amount of energy to recover from COVID-19.  Calorie dense food for Coronavirus patients are very important to help them stand on their feet again. For example, food for Coronavirus patients would include rice, cereals and whole grains, potatoes, pasta, bread - all of which have high calories.


3. Protein


Proteins are also equally essential for coronavirus recovery. Over the past seven months, foods that are rich in protein are being consumed by people more often whether or not they have any symptoms of Coronavirus. The reason behind this is simply because of how important the intake of protein is. Thus, food for Corona recovery would also include dairy products, seeds and nuts, legumes, grains and lentils. Chicken, eggs and fish are also essential.


4. Fluids


Dehydration is a result of suffering from the coronavirus. Therefore, rehydrating is very important while recovering from the COVID-19. Fluids like soups and broths are essential, apart from several glasses of water every day. 

As dealing with anger and stress management and different kinds of mental health issues become difficult, immune boosters are required to recover fast from the coronavirus. Food for Coronavirus patients should therefore include herbs, veggies, fruits, and some spices. Food for recovery also includes immune booster drinks such as turmeric milk, herbal tea, green tea, and kadha, among other things.


Myths about Coronavirus


It is important to note that while vitamins, minerals and proteins are essential for a strong immune system, these cannot cure the coronavirus. Other myths about Coronavirus include the fact that most corona affected people recover from it, and hydroxychloroquine cures Covid-19. You can learn more about Myths about Coronavirus here. 


Health Insurance Plans for Coronavirus Patients


Due to the rising numbers of coronavirus patients, rising hospital expenses has become a huge issue in the present times. The rising hospital expenses is the reason behind the dire need for health insurance plans. For a large number of people, buying health insurance policy for Coronavirus is the only way to deal with the situation. Among the different types of critical illness insurance plans, the Corona Kavach is a policy that is widely being opted for. Corona Kavach is a policy that covers hospital expenses specifically for Covid-19 treatment. It is important to carefully look at the features or coverages of the health insurance plans while buying health insurance policy for coronavirus.




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