What is a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan?
What is a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan?
Posted On : 13 January 2021, 9 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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As the medical landscape of the world evolves and becomes more important than ever, individuals and families alike are seeking the best options to keep themselves both financially as well as medically prepared. To that end, options like super top up health insurance plans are becoming a popular policy option because of the benefits they offer over general health policies. If super top up health insurance has also been on our mind, here’s what you need to know to be rest assured that you are choosing the right health insurance policy for you.


What is a Top Up Health Insurance Plan?


In order to get a better idea of what is super top up in health insurance, we must first review the concepts of health insurance as well as top up health insurance plans.

Simply put, health insurance plans are an agreement whereby if the insured individual or individuals incur medical or hospitalisation expenses, a part of the entire amount will be covered by the insurer. Health insurance plans do not have a one-size-fits-all approach and therefore, are offered in a number of variants. One such variant is the top up health insurance plan.

A regular health insurance plan offers a set amount of coverage and comes with a threshold limit. If your medical expenses exceed this limit, you become liable to pay off the remaining amount out of your own pocket. However, with a top up health insurance plan, you can extend this available limit for your health insurance policy as and when required.


What is Super Top Up Health Insurance?


With these essential concepts in place, we can establish the context for the topic of super top up policies in health insurance.

Super top up policies are often understood as a type of top up health insurance plans. This is because super top up health insurance also offers policyholders the option to extend their threshold limit when their medical expenses exceed their current coverage. However, as understood by the term ‘super’ in its name, super top up health policies offer additional benefits to the policyholder.


Let us understand this benefit by comparing top up health policies with super top up health policies:

With a top up health insurance plan, you can exceed the threshold limit for your coverage for a single medical claim or hospitalisation per year of the policy. Any further medical expenses or hospitalisation within that year will not be covered under the top up health insurance plan. However, with super top ups health insurance plans, you can avail this same benefit for multiple medical claims and hospitalisations in a year. It is also worth noting that super top policies are available as both individual health insurance as well as family health insurance plans.


Understanding Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans


We can try to better understand the concept of super top up health insurance in the context of a simple example. Let assume that Mr. A has a health insurance policy worth Rs 6 lakhs. Unfortunately, Mr. A experiences a medical emergency and has to undergo a procedure worth Rs 8 lakhs.

If he has a regular health insurance plan, his policy will offer coverage that is equal to his sum assured ie. Rs 6 lakhs, provided by the insurer. The remaining amount ie. Rs 8 -6 = Rs 2 lakhs will have to be paid out by Mr. A.

If he has a top up health insurance, Mr. A could opt for a policy worth Rs 10 lakhs and choose a deductible limit of Rs. 5 lakhs. The same procedure will then be entirely covered by the insurer. However, if Mr. A experiences another medical emergency during the year, his top up policy will not kick into gear. If he has a super top up health policy, Mr. A can receive the aforementioned benefits of a top up health policy for not just one but multiple claims in a year.




When buying health insurance plans, whether for yourself, a loved one, or your entire family, it is important to take into the long-term value of your health policy. The best super top up health insurance plans in the industry is capable of providing such value, particularly when you consider the rising costs of medical procedures and hospitalisations.

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