What is Recharge Benefit in a Health Insurance Plan?
What is Recharge Benefit in a Health Insurance Plan?
Posted On : 27 January 2021, 8 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Health insurance plans have emerged as the most important investment that any individual can make. Medical costs are rising at an unprecedented rate and considering that new diseases are cropping up every day, it is essential to be prepared for the worst-case scenario at all times.

Health insurance plans are the ideal solution for mitigating the expenses related to medical emergencies. They offer a range of benefits, including covering the costs of hospitalisation, medical bills, and even post-operative care. One of the first purchases you make as an individual will usually be of a health insurance policy, but an individual health insurance plan may leave other members of your family unprotected. To combat this, people are now opting for group health insurance more than ever, owing to its capabilities to offer protection to every member of the family.

While there are several considerations that you need to look into before purchasing a group health insurance plan, one of the most important is how multiple members of the family can utilise the same policy in a beneficial manner. It is also important to avail the most cost-effective plan in order to reap the maximum benefits. The health insurance recharge benefit is now gaining acclaim owing to its ability to meet all these criteria while also offering the maximum advantages.

If you are wondering, “what is recharge benefit in health insurance?”, read on below to learn more.


Recharge Benefit in Health Insurance


A health insurance policy requires you to periodically pay premiums at regular intervals, which are then utilised towards creating a sum assured that will be beneficial in case any medical emergencies crop up.

However, most insurance plans only allow policyholders to use the total sum assured only once in a year. Even when you set out to choose the best health insurance policy, it is likely that most insurers will offer you the option to cash out the entire sum assured only once in a year. This is regardless of how much you are paying as premiums. Once your sum assured is exhausted, you will need to wait a full year before being able to avail the sum assured benefits.

This is where the recharge benefit is truly useful. Health insurance recharge benefits are a different kind of plan, through which your sum assured is instantly recharged and you can avail the benefits again in the same year.

For instance, if you are hospitalised twice in the same year, you can avail the recharge benefit in health insurance and mitigate your expenses both times.

With a recharge benefit, the sum insured of your health insurance policy is immediately refurbished even after being utilised completely. For example, if you buy a health insurance policy with the recharge benefit, which offers you a sum assured of Rs. 2 lakh and you end up spending that amount in case of a medical emergency, your insurer will again be able to provide you with a Rs. 2 lakh sum assured if you require further medical attention.

If you have just begun to understand, “what is recharge benefit in health insurance”, this must seem like a great plan to ensure that you are never at a loss financially in case of any sickness that requires financial expenditure. However, it is important to remember that while the recharge benefit offers a huge advantage, it is also slightly more costly than your regular health insurance policy.

Even as you begin to start looking up the recharge benefit in health insurance, it is important to keep some things in mind that you should look out for while availing this cover. Since different insurers may offer different advantages and restrictions, it is necessary to read the fine print and understand what you are signing up for.


Things to Look Out for While Availing Recharge Benefit in Health Insurance


1. Check when Recharge Benefit Kicks in

A recharge benefit in health insurance may only kick in once the entire sum assured has been exhausted. For instance, many insurers might not recharge your sum assured until the entire amount provided under it has been utilised by your medical expenses. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. Is the Same Illness Covered?


While some insurers may offer the recharge benefit with the same illness, others may not. This means that if you are hospitalised twice for the same illness, you may or may not be able to use the renewed sum assured.

3. What Kind of Plan would Work Best with a Recharge Benefit?


For many people, critical medical emergencies may not occur more than once a year. As a result, it is best to opt for a group health insurance policy. This is because even if one member is hospitalised and the sum assured is used up, another member of the family can benefit from the health insurance recharge benefit.




A recharge benefit in health insurance is often a great way to ensure that you are never unprepared for meeting the financial requirements that crop up in a medical emergency. However, even as you opt for it, make sure to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions that you are signing up for.

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