What is Restore/Refill Benefit in Health Insurance & How Does It Work?
What is Restore/Refill Benefit in Health Insurance & How Does It Work?
Posted On : 05 January 2021, 9 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Medical expenses in India are on the rise. As inflation increases on a daily basis, so do medical costs. These could include everything from the cost of consulting a doctor, medical tests, diagnosis, hospitalisation, medicines, and even post-operative care. Medical expenses can also not be avoided since the health of you or your family could depend on receiving adequate care. The benefits of a health insurance policy are such that the major expenses that could crop up in case of medical emergencies are covered in a comfortable fashion.

A health insurance plan is often the first and even more frequently, the most important insurance that you will ever make. Not only for yourself, but even your family will be safeguarded from facing any financial crunches in case of a medical emergency. A group health insurance policy is often the best way to protect yourself and your family from any such eventuality.

Group policies often also offer a restoration benefit in health insurance, which ensures that you or any member of your family are never unprotected from meeting any medical eventuality. One of India’s premier insurers Max Bupa offers several group insurance policies that are ideal owing to the benefit they offer for restoration of cover in health insurance.

Two plans offered by Max Bupa, namely, ReAssure and Health Companion, offer a range of benefits which cater specifically toward protecting every member of the family from a range of medical issues that can crop up. However, the most important benefit they offer is the restoration of cover in health insurance, meaning that you can afford to utilise the sum assured in a year and also be able to avail its continued benefit in the same year.

Before you opt for either plan, though, it is important to understand the difference in the features they offer. It is important to understand what is meant by restoration of cover in health insurance and the contrast it offers to getting a refill on your health insurance policy.


Health Companion and What is Refill Benefit in Health Insurance?


The Health Companion is ideal for covering up to 19 members of your family is one go. The health insurance policy comes in three ways, each of which is tailored to customisations that you choose. You can get a sum assured of up to Rs. 100 lakh, wherein the members of your family receive benefits such as medical costs being covered in cases of inpatient care, hospital room rent, 30 days pre-hospitalisation medical expenses, 60 days post-hospitalisation medical expenses, daycare treatment, living organ donor transplant, emergency ambulance, and even vaccination for animal bites. The costs for health checkups and modern treatments are covered as well, which makes this plan ideal for a wide range of reasons.

The significant benefit of the plan is the refill benefit it offers. With the refill benefit, the sum assured is reinstated even if it has already been exhausted by a medical emergency earlier in the year. However, the refill benefit is only applicable in cases where the second medical emergency is different from the first one.

The refill benefit in the Health Companion works great for group health insurance policies, since different members of the family can be afflicted by different medical causes and still receive adequate treatment.


ReAssure and Restoration of Cover in Health Insurance?


The ReAssure health insurance plan is another health insurance policy that guarantees more than adequate medical coverage for you and your family. The plan offers up to Rs. 1 crore in sum assured along with features such as the booster benefit, which enables you to double your sum assured by not making any claims for 2 years.

Aside from the enormous discounts this plan offers in times of practically any medical emergency, the ReAssure offers a restoration in health insurance sum assured which is extremely significant for ensuring the protection of you and your family members. You can raise a claim for medical aid as many times as you need with this policy, since the unlimited sum insured reinstatements kick in as soon as the first claim is settled by the insurer. With the ReAssure plan, you can rest assured that you will never run out of your sum assured.




A group health insurance is beneficial for a number of reasons, but the most significant benefit you can avail is the restoration of cover in health insurance through which you can ensure that there is not a single moment when your family is not protected against an unexpected medical emergency.

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