What is the Meaning of Copay in Health Insurance
What is the Meaning of Copay in Health Insurance?
Posted On : 01 March 2021, 6 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Health insurance is often one of the first insurance policies that people opt to get. The best health insurance plans are often the best protection against any medical emergencies that may arise. The benefits of health insurance are enormous and with family health insurance plans, you can ensure not just yours but your entire family’s protection.


However, even as you set out to buy the best family health insurance plans or even avail the benefits of health insurance for yourself, there are several terms you must familiarise yourself with in order to get the best health insurance plans.


For instance, copay in health insurance is a concept that has evolved as a result of insurers’ efforts to reduce the incidence of insurance fraud. Since insurance fraud was increasing at an alarming pace, insurers began offering the clause of copay in health insurance plans.


What is Copay in Health Insurance?


The essential principle of any health insurance policy is that the policyholder makes payments over a period of time to the insurer, who will bear the healthcare expenses that occur and are covered under the policy terms.

If you have wondered about the meaning of copay in terms of insurance plans, you will know better once you have finished reading this article. The percentage of the claim amount, which is borne by the policyholder is known as copay. While the copay definition could seem confusing at first, its conditions will be clearly outlined in your policy documents.


Why is Copay Clause Included?


Copay insurance policies are very common these days. Even if your existing health insurance plan does not include it at the moment, its future renewals might. Copay in medical insurance is included for several reasons, the most important of which is that it reduces the incidence of insurance fraud, which can occur with the best health insurance plans.


Read on to learn about why the copay clause is included by the best health insurance plans these days -


1. Since policyholders are paying a portion of the claim amount or the amount incurred towards treatment, they are discouraged from raising claims for minor issues, such as colds, seasonal flu, etc.


2. With policyholders paying a portion of the claim amount, they are more aware of the costs incurred for treatment, thus, resulting in more ownership.


3. Policyholders also are discouraged from seeking treatment from unnecessarily expensive hospitals since they will also be required to pay a portion of the steep fees.


4. The most important reason behind including the copay clause by insurers is that it allows them to reduce the risk they face. If the policyholder is bearing 10% of the claim amount, that 10% the insurer is able to save.


How to Select a Health Policy with Copay?


Whenever you are looking for the best health insurance plans, whether as individual or family health insurance plans, it is important to consider several factors. Aside from factors such as premium, sum assured, add-ons, etc., there are 2 more factors you must consider while opting for copay in health insurance.


Here are the 2 factors you must consider while choosing copay in health insurance -


1. Percentage of Copay:

This will indicate the percentage that will have to be borne by the policyholder in case claims are raised.


2. Premium Amount:

The clause of copay in a medical insurance plan brings down the cost of premiums. While you are browsing through the copay insurance plans available to you, make sure to compare the premiums against those other general or health insurance plans without the copay clause.


Features of Copayment


Now that you know how a copay clause in health insurance plans works, it is important to understand its different features.


1. A minimal percentage will be claimed from you, while the policyholder will bear the majority of the cost.


2. The copay clause will apply to claims raised for treatment of all conditions covered by the policy, including doctor’s visits, hospitalisation, etc.


3. Since the copay clause reduces the premium amount, a really low copay percentage can result in high premium amounts.





The copay clause in medical insurance essentially seeks to reduce the risk borne by the insurer and divide it with the policyholder. Hence, it is an important aspect to consider before purchasing insurance. Keeping the aforementioned points about Copayment in mind, make a decision accordingly.



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