Who are at a Higher Risk of Coronavirus
Who are at a Higher Risk of Coronavirus?
Posted On : 23 February 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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Covid-19 or the novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused the death of more than two million people globally and stressed healthcare facilities heavily. Most lethal aspect about Covid-19 is the wide range of variance in symptoms: from mild fever, coughing to chest pain and severe breathlessness that requires immediate medical intervention. It ranges from no visible symptoms to inability to breathe.

While everyone should strictly abide by healthcare guidelines and follow basic procedures like social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks, some people have a higher risk of coronavirus. Those more than 60 years of age or with pre-existing medical conditions are the most vulnerable group and should take additional precautions to ensure safety. People with co-morbidities like heart and lung disorders, obesity, diabetes, respiratory ailments, are at the highest risk. People at risk of Coronavirus cannot afford to be negligent at all and must ensure safety procedures and regular medical check-ups.


Let’s have a look at the factors that increase the risk of Coronavirus and require extra caution:


1. Age (60+)


While Covid-19 is lethal for every age group, it's worse for the middle-aged and the elderly. There is a direct correlation between age and its dangerous symptoms. More than 80% of the people in the USA who succumbed to Covid-19 were older than 65. Covd-19 risk increases exponentially in case of elderly with medical conditions. Elderly should avoid closed and congested places totally and take all their medicines regularly. It's also advisable to keep a list of emergency contacts handy.


2. Heart Diseases, Diabetes and Obesity


People with pre-existing medical conditions are both most vulnerable as well as more likely to exhibit dangerous symptoms. Heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, all spike the risk of lethal symptoms. Obesity and diabetes both weaken the body's immune system and reduce its efficiency to protect against harmful viruses. Those who are overweight or obese should work-out regularly, eat healthy and try to lose weight. It's important to keep the blood sugar level under control and take prescribed medicines regularly in order to avoid Coronavirus risk.


3. Lung Diseases


Covid-19 pathogen strikes the lungs first, so those with lung diseases are at a very high risk. Lung diseases like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary diseases multiply the Covid-19 risk. Those who suffer from asthma should avoid going out in any environment that contains dust, pollens and smoke. It's advised to consult your doctor from time to time. Normal people should also avoid smoking as it weakens the body's immune system and increases the probability of developing lung related diseases.


4. Weak Immunity


A strong immune system is a prerequisite for the body's ability to combat any serious disease. Those with a compromised or weakened immunity are at an additional Covid-19 risk. Those undergoing organ transplants or chemotherapy have a really weak immune system and are at an extremely high risk of developing life-threatening symptoms if they get infected by Covid-19. In case of HIV/ AIDS, bone marrow transplant and chronic drug abuse, the immunity system gets too feeble. Regular medical consultation and consuming prescribed medicines timely, is needed along with other precautions.


5. Blood Disorders


People with any blood disorders like sickle cell anemia are at extremely high risk of Covid-19 symptoms if they get affected by the contagion. Sickle cell anemia makes red blood cells rigid and sticky which causes their premature death, as a result of which the oxygen supply of the body is obstructed. This causes blockages in blood vessels. Thalassemia is another blood disorder that increases Covid-19 risk.  A person suffering from thalassemia has a shortage of hemoglobin, which hinders the capacity of red blood cells to supply oxygen to other parts of the body.




Elderly and those with co-morbidities are people at the risk of catching coronavirus. They should take medicines regularly and exercise utmost caution. Higher risk of coronavirus is either due to old-age or pre-existing medical conditions that tend to get worse. A health insurance plan like Corona Kavach should be considered to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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