Why Medical Test is Important While Buying Health Insurance Policy?
Why Medical Test is Important While Buying Health Insurance Policy?
Posted On : 20 January 2021, 8 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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Many individuals do not like the idea of taking medical tests and avoid buying an insurance that requires these examinations. Hence, people get attracted towards insurances that promise approval without these tests, but is this worth it? It turns out that insurers that don’t ask for these tests, end up charging a higher premium amount. Also, invariably, these companies put you in a pre-defined category, whereas if you do take a medical test, it is possible that you are put in a healthy category and therefore, are charged a lower premium. Thus, in the long run, it is better to opt for health insurance plans that require a medical test.


Benefits of health insurance


There are multiple benefits of health insurance plans. It will protect you from a range of medical expenditures such as the cost of hospitalization, day care and OPD expenses, medical bills, and so on. Buying health insurance plans becomes essential, if you consider crucial variables, like rise in the rate of healthcare inflation, sharp rise in hospitalization expenses and the spiraling cases of lifestyle diseases. But merely buying a mediclaim policy might not just be enough. Choosing right health insurance, which provides coverage to your specific requirements is of paramount importance. Now you can choose from a range of policies such as individual health insurance, or family health insurance, along with health policies for specific requirements, including critical illness and personal accident.

But while insuring yourself and your loved ones from an unexpected health emergency, you have to ensure that a prior medical checkup is conducted. Here, you can wonder about some policies, which are often advertised as: a mediclaim policy without medical tests. But no matter how lucrative a policy might sound it is essential to avail health insurance with medical check up. Read on to find the reasons:


What’s the Catch Behind a Mediclaim Policy Without Medical Tests?


  • ● Health policies, which are marketed as not requiring medical tests for insurance, can seem convenient and hassle-free. But the catch is that insurance companies typically categorize individuals as high-risk or low-risk to determine the premium payments. A healthy individual, with excellent medical test reports will be categorized as low-risk, with discounts on premium payments, while individuals with poor medical checkup reports will fall in the category of high-risk, requiring higher premium payments. In the case of a mediclaim policy without medical checkup, all policyholders will be categorized as high-risk individuals, irrespective of their condition. So a healthy individual ends up paying a high premium amount.
  • ● It is also a bad deal for individuals already suffering for health ailments as they would be required, beforehand, to declare their pre-existing medical conditions. Now as the insurance companies don’t authenticate the declarations being made, it might lead to a scenario where their claims are rejected.


Importance of Medical Check Up for Health Insurance


Here’s a look at the advantages of health insurance with medical check up:


1. Lower Premium Payments:


A mediclaim policy without medical tests will entail hefty premium payments. Conversely, if you are a healthy individual and pass the pre-medical tests with flying marks, you will be rewarded with discounts and attractive offers for premium payments. This is because of being categorized as a low-risk individual. 


2. Prevent claim Rejection:


Medical test for insurance policy will provide coverage even in the worst-case scenarios. Suppose you are already having pre-existing health ailments, and the medical test reports confirm them. You will then have to go through the specified waiting period and pay a comparatively higher premium rate. Also, if there is any exclusion related to your current health ailment, the insurance company will convey the same. Availing health insurance with medical checkup, despite suffering from pre-existing diseases will prove advantageous in the long-run as you don’t face any risk of your claims being rejected. In the case of a sudden medical emergency, you will remain covered and protected.


3. Know Your Existing Health Condition:


Medical test for insurance policy will help you ascertain your current health situation. There could be a scenario, where you don’t know that you are suffering from a health ailment. Once you undergo a medical checkup, you can take preventive measures and become more accountable for your health. For instance, in the case of a lifestyle disease, you can consume the right food, which can not only boost immunity but also prevent further complications. After knowing the medical checkup report, you can also prevent health risks by opting for regular workouts and exercises.




Thus, a medical test is of paramount importance, before you avail a health insurance policy. Along with undergoing the test and becoming more accountable for your health, do remember to choose a reliable and trusted insurance company. You can zero in on Max Bupa, which can help you select the best health insurance plan, as per your specific requirements. With 30-minutes claims processing at a wide range of 5,000 network hospitals across India, trust Max Bupa for your multiple health insurance requirements!

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