How to work effectively and practice social distancing during coronavirus
How to work effectively and practice social distancing during coronavirus

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How to work effectively and practice social distancing during Coronavirus | Max Bupa

Max Bupa

02 April 2020

The World Health Organisation, medical professionals and pretty much everybody is saying just one thing with regard to the Coronavirus – stay indoors.

The government is showing providence on its part and has mandated a lock down to halt the spread of the virus to stage three (community transmission).

While it is taking care of testing, quarantining and treating people; here is what you can do to stay safe.


Tips to stay safe during Covid-19

1. Social distancing is non-negotiable

If there is one thing the internet and authorities are telling us to do, it is social distancing. The practice calls for a change in behaviour that is aimed at minimising contact between individuals to stop transmission of the virus. This is being done to ensure India does not face a health epidemic like we are seeing in China, Italy and Iran, Spain and other countries. 

The best way to go about this is to stay indoors whether you feel sick or not. After all, the time is to be responsible and understand the long-term impact of continued social interactions.

However, if you must step out, take social distancing precautions such as-

• Don't participate in social gatherings

• Wash your hands regularly

• Avoid physical contact with people

• Maintain a distance of about 1 metre from people who are coughing, sneezing etc.

To those of you fearing loss of relationships or downtime, we're sure the internet can help you stay connected and not feel like you are missing out on anything. Remember that efficiency right now will prevent more stringent measures in the future.

2. Working from home can be just as efficient in Covid-19

If you have already taken self-quarantine measures and locked yourself in for the foreseeable future, the next big question is how do you manage your time, work and sanity within the confines of your home?

The first step here is to get disciplined and plan your days. If you are working from home, fix your work timings. Schedule a time for each activity like cooking, cleaning, interacting with family members, etc. after or before your work hours.

Working remotely has proved to be very productive for so many people in the freelance-based industry.

However, it is a skill to be acquired as one can easily be distracted and demotivated. 


Here are a few tips to become more efficient when working from home

1. Get dressed: Get out of your PJs. Just as you would normally do, take a shower and get dressed. You do not have to wear uncomfortable formal clothes, even a pair of pants and a tee shirt is good. The idea is to get you in the right mind frame for work.

2. Create a work station: Do not work in bed. We repeat, 'do not work in bed'. This is the easiest way to lose focus and invite back pain. You might even be tempted to switch off your computer and take a nap. So, create a make-shift work station on your dining table or a desk in your bedroom for privacy and optimum efficiency.

3. Fix your work timings: A schedule is critical if you don't want to skimp on your work by putting in only a few hours, or on the other extreme; work all day and night. This makes it easier for you to work with colleagues and helps you set boundaries with family members or anybody else you may be living with.

4. Use business communication tools: Working from home can get isolating and depressing. To remain upbeat and productive, stay in touch with your colleagues. Use business communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, Google Duo, etc. to get some semblance of social life.

5. Take scheduled breaks: Take breaks to eat your lunch or have coffee to break any monotony you may be facing. Walk to your garden and balcony to get some fresh air. Have a little chat with members of your family. This will rejuvenate you and help your focus better at work. The idea is to incorporate that same work-life balance as you would on any other day.

6. Work out: It is very easy to get lethargic when you are cooped up at home. Working out is vital to stay positive and active. You will find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, especially now that you don't have to commute to your workplace. Get a workout first thing in the morning and feel the difference for yourself!

3. Purchase a Health Insurance plan for your family, it has never been more important

Remember working on your immunity, which includes having a healthy diet and regularly exercising and also taking all the necessary precautions is of utmost importance and so is purchasing a health insurance plan for Covid-19 that can protect your entire family. Max Bupa's Corona Kavach health insurance plan will do exactly that without burning a hole in your pocket. So without further ado visit  our Corona Kavach Family Floater & Corona Kavach Individual Plans to safeguard your family & yourself. Premium starting from just Rs 1039. 



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