Workout for Housewives

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Workout for Housewives

Max Bupa

14 May 2019



Staying healthy is on everyone’s mind these days and contrary to popular opinion, in today’s fast paced world, even housewives live life at breakneck speed. Coalescing health and fitness into a housewife’s lifestyle is difficult as her role is far trickier than it is thought to be. It is essential that housewives must take care of their well-being as their bodies also undergo many physical changes with age. With slowing metabolism, weight gain begins to make itself known in subtle ways, slowly and surely. Stress and lifestyle related diseases also begin to raise concerns on overall health of women who neglect exercise.


Simple workouts done at home can not only help in reducing weight, but also act as stress busters for housewives. Recent studies show that 70% of toxins can be released from our body by deep breathing, thus frequent breathing exercises help in detoxification which prevent breast cancer and osteoporosis. A simple workout routine at home can benefit in improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


Workout Tips:

One of the biggest concerns facing housewives is finding a good gym near their residence. Which is a genuine problem in many cases; however, where there is a problem there is always a solution. There are many exercises that can fit in seamlessly into a part of your daily routine at home, these have been found to be equally beneficial as going to a gym. Here are some stay-at-home workout tips to make a healthier and fitter you:


1. Run up and down the stairs, this is equivalent to using the stepper machine in the gym.

2. Brisk walking in the house between chores will increase your heart rate, further helping in burning more calories.

3. Do stretching exercises while cooking, ironing or other household activities.

4. Become a Jumping Jack:  Jump in the air with both your hands and legs apart with repetitions, this is equal to a cardio workout and helps in shedding weight.

5. Practicing Yoga: A few yoga asanas early in the morning will help in toning up the body and regaining posture

6. Cycle in the air while lying on the ground, or even on your bed as you watch TV: This is another effective cardiovascular exercise which strengthens your abdominal muscles and reduces fat around your midriff.

7.  Kickbox in air, working with one leg at a time: This will strengthen your legs and bring you back in shape in no time at all.

8. Sit ups, squats and push-ups can be done to improve metabolism and reduce the fat around your thighs and hips.

9. Put on some fast music and dance. Dancing is a mood up-lifter with the additional benefit of making you fit and healthy.

Caution: The effort put in exercise must exceed that of your normal daily activities. Housewives should first consult a physician before beginning any workout.


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