World Hepatitis Day 2021
World Hepatitis Day 2021
Posted On : 28 July 2021, 1 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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28th July is observed as World Hepatitis Day. It is a health-related public holiday observed each year to create awareness about hepatitis, a type of infectious disease that attacks the liver and affects people all over the world.


What is Hepatitis?


Hepatitis is a liver condition commonly caused due to a viral infection resulting in inflammation and other complications. Other triggers for hepatitis include alcohol, drugs, toxin-related infections, and autoimmune hepatitis. The viral infections that classify as hepatitis include Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, with different viruses responsible for each type.


Symptoms of Hepatitis


When hepatitis is acute in the body, the following symptoms are commonly seen. Since chronic hepatitis is slow to develop, these signs might be difficult to note until it is too late.


➢        Flu-like symptoms

➢        Fatigue or exhaustion

➢        Pale urine

➢        Loss of appetite

➢        Dark urine

➢        Abdominal pain



How Does Hepatitis Spread?


Hepatitis A and E can be contracted through ill hygiene practices such as consuming raw fruits and vegetables, drinking local water, and eating undercooked oysters and shellfish.  Hepatitis B, C and D can be contracted through contaminated blood. It is possible for a pregnant mother to pass on hepatitis to her fetus. When it is left untreated, hepatitis often results in dangerous or even fatal liver diseases.


How is Hepatitis Prevented?


While hepatitis is such a widespread disease, there is little information about preventative practices with respect to it. The following practices aid in the prevention of hepatitis.


➢        Getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B.

➢        Avoiding consuming local water, ice.

➢        Avoiding raw fruit and vegetables.

➢        Not sharing needles, and razors.

➢        Not using someone else’s toothbrush.

➢        Practicing safe sexual intercourse.

➢        Avoiding touching spilled blood.

➢        Limiting alcohol consumption.


About World Hepatitis Day and its Importance


World Hepatitis Day aims to promote the prevention and testing of all the five types of the disease: A, B, C, D, and E. This day was established by the World Health Assembly and is celebrated on July 28 so that the World could celebrate the birthday of Baruch Samuel Blumberg, the first scientist to discover hepatitis B.

Hepatitis is a global epidemic. It is possible to get hepatitis anywhere and at any age. In fact, as per the official World Hepatitis Day website, an estimated 400 million people are infected by hepatitis globally. Hepatitis can be contracted through blood contact or through sexual intercourse.

Hepatitis Day is also a means of commemorating the huge strides of scientific developments that have been made when it comes to research and treatment for Hepatitis. The good news is that in the last 100 years, considerable progress has been made when it comes to both preventing hepatitis and treating it. Vaccines now exist for both hepatitis A and B.

From an early age, those in developing countries can choose to automatically receive these vaccines from their doctors. While hepatitis C is easily treated, getting D and E are rare. What’s more, the World Hepatitis Alliance has set a challenge to eliminate all forms of viral hepatitis by year 2030 as these post as a huge public health threat. When World Hepatitis Day is recognized each year, awareness is spread, and this becomes a much more achievable goal.


The Bottom Line


Even with this progress, there is still a long way to go. Oftentimes, those who are infected with hepatitis realize it too late. The aim of World Hepatitis Day is to create public awareness about the importance of monitoring one’s health on a regular basis. Hepatitis can be a debilitating disease if left unchecked. Getting regular vaccinations is key for preventing the spread of hepatitis. It is also encouraged to limit the consumption of alcohol since it can accelerate liver disease and failure.

World Hepatitis Day is a means of spreading this awareness about this disease and its prevention while encouraging people to take charge of their health.  One of the best ways to financially take charge of your health is by opting for health insurance. If you are waiting for the right time to buy health insurance for yourself and your family, make today the day you opt for it.


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