Corporate Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan


A Customisable Plan for all Groups

Max Bupa's Group Personal Accident is a comprehensive cover for large as well as small groups like corporates, communities, associations, bank customers, schools , colleges. No matter what the size of your group, Max Bupa's Group Personal Accident is completely customizable to suit the requirements of your group members, giving you the flexibility and freedom to design the cover you need.

In addition to providing cover for basic benefits like accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability, it gives you the power to pick and choose additional benefits for all or select members of the group, making it a truly one of a kind plan. You also have the flexibility to extend the coverage to dependants of group members.

Policy Design
Choose your plan

Individual Option – You can offer coverage to all your group members.

Family Option - You also have the flexibility to offer coverage to families of individuals including Primary Insured, spouse and dependent children. You can also extend the coverage to parents of your group members as well.

What is Covered?
Basic Benefits
  • A lumpsum amount for Accidental Death (AD), Permanent Total Disability (PTD), Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) and Temporary Total Disability (TTD)
  • You can choose from any combination of Basic Benefits – AD, PTD, PPD and TTD
  • Wide sum insured range to suit your requirements and can be tailor made at the group member level
  • Widest choice of selection of basic benefits (4) in combination with optional benefits (12).
Optional Benefits
  • Corporate Floater * - Additional coverage which can be used by you in case of accidental death, permanent total disability or permanent partial disability for any of the primary group member.
  • Any One Year Loss
  • (Fixed * /Variable) – Reimbursement of medical expenses for treatment of injuries arising from an accident
  • Broken Bones * - A lumpsum benefit for named broken bones conditions resulting from an accident.
  • Family Transportation * - Reimbursement of to and fro travel expenses for a family member from city of residence to city of hospitalization provided the insured has suffered accidental death or permanent total disability.
  • Residential and Vehicle Modification Allowance * - Reimbursement of expenses incurred towards modification of residence or vehicle to adapt to your altered lifestyle.
  • Educational Allowance for Children * - A lumpsum amount for upto 2 dependent children due to accidental death or permanent total disability of primary member
  • Last Rites * - A lumpsum amount paid in case of accidental death of insured
  • Elimination Period for Temporary Total Disability
  • Terrorism Cover
  • Coverage in Special Conditions
  • Coverage for Parents
Key Benefits
Most Comprehensive

We offer you most comprehensive coverage with many optional benefits provided along with the basic cover.

Flexible Covers

Customize your cover as per the needs of your group, from comprehensive full package to an ala carte of benefits..

Wide Range of Sum Insured

We offer a wide range of sum assured to match the requirements of your group members.

New Features

With this plan we introduce new and innovative features like corporate floater, Broken Bones and Any one Year loss. Thus, giving your group members an enhanced protection.

Coverage for all

We have designed the plan to suit the needs of varied groups including corporates, communities, associations and institutes, so you be rest assured that our cover will answer all needs of individual members of your group.

24 X 7 worldwide coverage

We offer you 24X7 coverage and that too in any part of the world.

All Accidents Covered

We also cover accidents resulting from natural calamities and don't exclude such high-risk events.

Terrorism Cover

We also cover your group members against terrorist attacks.

Lumpsum settlement

We offer a lump-sum claim settlement for all basic benefits – accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability.

Fast Issuance

We provide hassle-free and fast issuance of cover with no medical underwriting involved.

What is not Covered?

Suicide or self inflicted injury, War (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, service in the armed forces, or any police organization, committing an assault, a criminal offence, participation in aviation other than as a fare-paying passenger, engaging in or taking part in professional or adventure sports, accidental death or disability due to mental disorders or disturbances of consciousness, arising from any nuclear weapon materials, arising from any ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel.

* The claim under this benefit will be paid over and above the principal sum assured.

Disclaimer: This is only a summary of the product features and is for reference purpose only. For more details on terms and conditions, exclusions and waiting period, please read sales brochure and Policy Documents of Group Personal Accident cover carefully before concluding a sale.


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