Group Employee First Health Insurance Plan


Employee health plan

Employees are the treasured elements of any institution, as they are an integral part of it. They are the core functioning members of an institution and their health is of prime importance. Staying healthy and protected in our busy world today is expensive, and that’s where we need first health insurance.

Health of the employee is one of the major issues in today’s highly competitive work environment. The employer must take the initiative to free the employee, from worries of an extremely costly medical treatment for their families and themselves. Taking care of the wellbeing of the employee and their family is the best work incentive that an employer can provide.

Max Bupa has introduced a new scheme called Group Health Solution, which protects the most valued resource-the employees. The employer can provide the employees to lead a healthy, peaceful and successful life with the help of Employee First Classic health Insurance plan And Employee First plan.

Employee first is a comprehensive health scheme, which is ideally suited for small and large corporate and institutions, which look for high sum insured and quality coverage. These particular plans provide private single rooms in hospitals and provide wellness initiatives, which include health checkup. These plans also cover maternity benefits on newborns and vaccination coverage for the child. It also includes checkups for parents and the parent-in-laws. It includes a sum assured that ranges from 1 lakh to 50 lakhs.

Employee first classic mainly accommodates the small and medium enterprises which provide high flexibility and quality coverage. This plan provides an insured sum of Rs, 50,000 to 5 lakhs; including other benefits for newborns, to-be-mothers and also for parents. A Corporate floater is an advantage that is added to this plan. This enables the employee to take care of high medical charges, which may be beyond the reach of the sum covered by the insurance.

Advantages of Employee first plan of Max Bupa:

1.Employees can talk to Max Bupa directly without involving any third parties, regarding matters related to claim settlement. They provide the maximum service at the most critical points.

2.These employees can access Max Bupa’s cashless facility at any quality hospital. This is only possible due to their tie-up with the hospitals, which are a part of the partner network.

3.Everyone at every stage of life; whether it is a mother, or a newborn, they need health insurance and Max Bupa covers life for everyone.

4.They are accessible 24/7 on their Health line to provide service to the employees whenever required.

5.Max Bupa creates a health profile of every individual member during enrollment. This helps to provide quick support whenever necessary. In short, Max Bupa’s employee health plan is magic in a package; and works wonders as an incentive to the employees.


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