You are Making Healthier Choices...Is your Health Insurance keeping Up?

Does your health Insurance
cover maternity & newborn Care benefits?

Max Bupa Health Insurance can cover your large family in one policy! Now MOVE To a Healthier Health Insurance
Max Bupa

Move to Max Bupa Health Insurance in Simple Steps:

  • 1
    Upload claim
    details on IRDA
    provided site-link
  • 2
    Fill up IRDA
    Portability Form
  • 3
    Attach copy of
    previous health
    insurance policy
  • 4
    Fill up Max
    Bupa Proposal
  • 5
    Submit the
    documents at
    Max Bupa branch
Q1. What is portability?

Portability allows you to switch from one insurer to another without making you lose your waiting period benefits earned by you in your existing policy. The waiting period is generally classified into three types:

  • General waiting period
  • Waiting period for pre-existing diseases
  • Anytime bound exclusion (2 years waiting period for listed conditions)

for example, if you own a health insurance (X), which has a waiting period of 4 years (for a pre-existing disease) and you want to switch from X (with whom you have been insured for 3 years) to Max Bupa, then you just need to serve one more year of waiting period, to avail the benefit of pre-existing diseases with Max Bupa.

Q2. How to port to Max Bupa?
Q3. When can a policyholder apply for portability?
Q4. What all products support portability?
Q5. Who can apply for portability?