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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I apply for a cashless claim at a network hospital?
2. How to apply for a cashless claim in case of emergency hospitalization?
3. How to apply for reimbursement of my claim? What documents do I need?
4. How long does it take to get the reimbursement for the claim made?
5. What if there is a delay in claim intimation or claim documentation?
6. What is the timeline for submitting claim documentation?
7. How can I download the claims form?
8. What pages need to filled on claim form?
9. What is the claim intimation procedure for reimbursement in case of a non-network hospital?
1. How do I apply for a cashless claim at a network hospital? - +

Step 1: Select and approach service desk of our Network Hospital (recommended at least 72 hours before the treatment in case of planned hospitalisation)

Step 2: Use Max Bupa Health Card or share your policy number and Passport, PAN card or Voter’s card for identification purposes and also keep a passport photo along with your medical records(if any)

Step 3: Network Hospital would check your identity for validation and submit preauthorization form to us

Step 4: We review and provide our confirmation to the network Hospital by fax/e-mail and send a text message or an e-mail to you

Step 5: Get admitted for treatment and sign all documents, form and invoices on discharge

Step 6: We make payments to the Hospital for preapproved treatment and as per Policy terms and conditions