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1. What is the hospital cash benefit?

2. What is the eligibility for availing the hospital cash benefit?

3. Where can I find the network hospital details?

4. Why does the hospital ask for a security deposit?

5. What is the grievance redressal procedure?

6. What are unrecognised hospitals & where can I find a list of them?

7. What all KYC documents are required in cases of reimbursement?

8. What cheque can I submit for a claim payment?

9. What all KYC document are required for a case of reimbursement if there is demise/death of the policyholder/patient?

10. Where can I complaint/share feedback about network hospitals if there is an issue with the cashless facility, behaviour issues of the management or tariff/discounts collected by the hospital?

11. What is a deductible?

12. What are the AYUSH/Alternative treatments?

13. What expenses are covered under the maternity benefit of the HeartBeat Plan?

14. What is the eligibility for availing the maternity benefit under the Heartbeat family first & family floater plan?

15. Does Health companion/GoActive/ Health Recharge cover maternity benefits?

16. What are non-medical items?

17. What if a customer has opted for a room above their eligibility? Do they only need to pay the difference for the room or for other services as well?

18. Are pre and post-hospitalisation medical expenses covered under alternative treatments ?

19. What do you mean by reasonable and customary charges?

20. What is the meaning of in-patient hospitalisation?

21. What is the criteria of hospitals for providing in-patient treatment?

22. What is day-care treatment? Is OPD treatment included in it?

23. What is a day-care centre?

24. What is the new-born benefit?

25. What all is covered under vaccinations for the new-born?

26. Are pre and post-hospitalisation expenses covered under the maternity benefit?

1. What is the hospital cash benefit? - +

Hospital cash is a daily benefit which provides the insured person with a lump sum amount in case of hospitalisation. You can use the money for meeting additional expenses or for compensating the loss of income during the period of hospitalisation.