Insure Care Through Covid19 Coverage | Hospitalisation Plans to Cover Coronavirus

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Insure Care Through Covid19 Coverage

We hope you are staying safe at home. But, in the unfortunate scenario of your hopsitalisation due to exposure to the current pandemic, be assured that all our hospitalisation plans cover Covid-19. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Coronavirus covered under my Max Bupa policy?
What all is included in my policy coverage?
Will any loading/exclusion be applied at the time of my policy renewal, if I take a claim for Coronavirus?
Does Max Bupa provide coverage for common viral infection in any of the plans?
Is there any waiting period applicable to cover for viral infections like Ebola and Coronavirus?
How will the claims be processed if someone is diagnosed with Coronavirus?
Will Max Bupa make Coronavirus treatment an exclusion now that it’s becoming a global epidemic?
Is Coronavirus covered under my Max Bupa policy? - +

Max Bupa hospitalisation plans will cover treatment for hospitalisation due to Coronavirus like any other condition. Standard waiting period (which is 30 days in most policies) will apply. The claim process will be similar to other disease conditions. The travel history or family history of the person will not have any impact on the policy and the claim process.  Our popular plans- Heartbeat, Health Premia, Health Companion and GoActiveTM will provide coverage for hospitalisation due to this condition.