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5 ways to speed up fat loss

5 ways to speed up fat loss

We are living in an age where everything happens fast. Food is ordered at the tap of a button. You fix a date by swiping left or right and you order apparels from your favorite brands with just a click! You must be thinking what about losing fat quickly. Quite natural, however, there are no shortcuts to lose weight but you can definitely speed it up with changes to your lifestyle. Here’s how could start from today:

Hit the sack for 8 hours. At least.

Yes, believe it or not. Sleeping does burn your fat faster. Did you know, normally a person burns about 0.42 calories for every 0.45 kgs in one hour of sleep. That means, a 70 kg person would end up losing 65 calories per hour, which means around 520 calories for 8 hours of sleep. Now that’s some serious calorie burning!

Curb those carbs

Imagine living in India without roti and rice. Remember, these foods contain high-level of simple carbohydrates. Yes, they are important but complex carbohydrates from sources like fruits, vegetables and whole grains are far more effective to lose weight. That’s because these foods keep your insulin levels in check. Substitute a few items in your diet with high protein foods like eggs and lean meats.

Food and fitness go hand-in-hand  

No diet in the world can help your fat loss if you are not going to go through the grind of a daily workout. Feeling lazy? Start with just half an hour of brisk walking. It can help you burn around 250 calories a day. Swimming is also a great way to lose fat quickly. Lifting weights have shown impacting fat loss.

Watch your sugar and spice

No more sodas and colas in your shopping cart. Excess sugar is the leading cause of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. In fact, you need to add more spice to your diet as it contains capsaicin, a compound that helps your body to release more adrenaline, which in- turn increases your metabolism.

The right frame of mind   

A positive mind and willpower can put you in the right frame of mind for losing weight. Stress, in fact, releases hormones like cortisol, which aid weight gain. That’s why it is important to add positivity and cut both negativity and fat from your life.

Some food for thought to end

Remember the phrase - slow and steady wins the race. Fits perfectly for fat loss. Take these few steps and watch yourself become fat to fit.

Summary:  There are no shortcuts to lose weight, but you can speed it up with changes to your lifestyle. Here’s how could start from today.   


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