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Buying a smart device? How about buying a health insurance policy smartly?

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In the age of smart phones, tablets and devices, we are ready to spend thousands to keep up with the times. Not many are realizing that medical costs are rising and how! Sadly, we are not concerned to spend our money on a health insurance policy. Think about it, it can end up saving your hospital bills and ultimately your life too. All it takes is a small little premium every month or year.

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Here’s how to choose your mediclaim smartly:

A health insurance policy is like a protective gear. Be prepared.

Let’s start with an example. A batsman walks into the centre of the pitch with his protective gear. He might not need it for every shot he plays but it takes just one ball to injure him and put him out of action. You should approach a medical insurance policy in the same way. It is like an investment to protect you, even if it does not offer you any returns. Remember, it takes only a split-second to put you in a medical emergency or situation. Are you ready?

What are the smart trends in medical insurance?

From doctor-on-call facility to therapeutic tours, insurance companies are luring customers with smart health options. With such innovative ideas, it’ll not be long before people begin viewing medical insurance as a boon rather than rather than as a necessity.

What’s the right one for you?

That totally depends on what you’re looking for. There are many types of health insurance plans out there. There are normal plans as well as coverage for critical illnesses like cancer. Usually, you will be assessed according to your well-being and financial income.

Some mandatory details that you’ll be asked are:

  • Features, such as age, weight, height, gender, etc.
  • Your profession and lifestyle
  • Your health status plus medical history
  • Information about your specialist and your medicinal check-ups plus other crucial factors

Check for Indemnification

Make sure to go through all the qualifications for indemnification before deciding on your plan. Speak to your insurance adviser or visit the website to get a clearer picture. Read all the reviews, testimonials and terms & conditions available.

What if I currently have an illness?

That’s a valid question. In that case, check whether the health insurance company can cover for your existing illness. They might even ask you to pay extra premium. Look at the brighter side though. You can still reduce your health bills for other medical conditions.

What’s the future of health insurance?

Even with all that technology, we’re leading busier lives than ever before. That creates more stress and chaos on our health. And just like food, shelter and housing, health insurance is going to play a crucial role in our lives. What’s important is that insurance agents should create more awareness about their services and reduce the amount of rejections and indemnifications for customers. One smart tip – just get a Max Bupa health insurance plan, which offers you maximum health protection and coverage.

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