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laugh your way to a healthy heart

Healthy heart

In our attempt to make our lives perfect, we have reduced our smile and laughter to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Research shows that laughing is a social activity. You are 30 times more likely to laugh in a group. It is also natural to humans - Infants are likely to laugh almost from birth. Little do we know that enjoying a good laugh benefits our heart in ways more than we know. Here are a few benefits of laughter on our heart!


Laughing triggers the release of a hormone called endorphins. They are the ‘feel-good’ chemicals of our body. They uplift our mood and temporarily relieve us of any pain. Studies suggest that people who laugh more have a stable blood pressure which reduced risks of heart attack and stroke. So, indulge in jokes that crack you up and enjoy a hearty laugh, you are only helping your heart!


Laughing also reduces stress hormones in our body which eventually leads to a healthier immunity system. The next time you are ‘Laughing out loud’ for real, remember, you helped your immunity be stronger.


By improving and increasing blood flow, laughing strengthens our blood circulation which diminishes chances of heart diseases by a great deal. It has been found that blood vessels function better in cheerful people than the ones perpetually frowning. So, say cheese!

Laughter is a great cardio workout for people who have limited physical activity. It burns the same calories per hour as slow walking. So, ensure a healthy heart by ‘Rolling on the floor laughing’ in real life!

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