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Life’s good with the right food

A plate of healthy food

Eating right is not as simple as you think. Especially, if we look at our stressful lifestyle. With little time for exercise and health, a lot of us have resorted to way of living that’s on-the-go and full of unhealthy food. On the other hand, we have plenty of people who are diet conscious but fall into the trap of not eating the right nutrients or going on a crash diet. This does more harm than good. What’s important is to talk to a health expert or nutritionist to know, what’s best for your health. Here’s what you can do to eat right:

Variety is the spice of good health

Eat variety of foods to get the right balance of nutrients. This does not mean eating a variety of junk food like burgers and pizzas. It means eating a variety of fresh and green vegetables and fruits. Avoid red meats and get more seafood in your diet for the extra protein. Plus, add lentils, whole grain cereals and bread for the right carbs going into your system.

Fat of the matter is

It’s a misconception that fat is bad for your health. Only certain fats like saturated and trans-fats are harmful to your cardiovascular system and heart health. Other fats actually help in weight loss, provide plenty of vitamins and aid in storing energy in the body. Therefore, don’t run away from fats. Just make sure to read the labels to see the fat content.

Don’t get too sweet and salty

Stay away from sweets as much as you can. Sugar is known to be the root cause of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Substitute refined sugar with jaggery or honey, which are known to be healthier. On the other hand, salt contains sodium, which affects your blood pressure levels. A high sodium diet over a period of time can result in hypertension.

Eat more lose more

Yes, you read that right. The biggest misconception, which people have is eating more leads to weight gain. On the contrary, eating more in smaller and healthier portions leads to weight loss. That’s because it quickens the metabolism of our body, which means our body burns extra calories. On the other hand, going on a crash diet switches off the metabolism system. What’s even worse is that when we eat again, we tend to put on more weight.

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