Secure your health against Coronavirus

Dear Customer,

Hope you are doing well and taking care of your health amidst the current outbreak of Coronavirus disease. As your health partner, we would like to share some critical information to ensure your personal safety.

Preventive measures
against the Coronavirus

Maintain Social Distancing and avoid crowded areas.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Wash your Hands Frequently.

Take in a lot of fluids.

Practice respiratory hygiene.

Rest and avoid overexertion.

How your Health Insurance plan covers Coronavirus

Q1. Is Coronavirus covered under my Max Bupa policy?

Ans. Max Bupa hospitalisation plans will cover treatment for hospitalisation due to Coronavirus like any other condition. Standard waiting period (which is 30 days in most policies) will apply. The claim process will be similar to other disease conditions. The travel history or family history of the person will not have any impact on the policy and the claim process. Our popular plans- Heartbeat, Health Premia, Health Companion and GoActiveTM will provide coverage for hospitalisation due to this condition.

Q2. What all is included in my policy coverage?

Ans. In case you are eligible for hospitalisation coverage under your policy, your pre and post hospitalisation costs will also be covered as per the specific terms of your policy. Also, in case the policy has an in-built OPD benefit, expenses towards treatment taken at home can be reimbursed as per policy terms.

Q3. Will any loading/exclusion be applied at the time of my policy renewal, if I take a claim for coronavirus?

Ans. No, our policies are designed to provide you comprehensive coverage when you need it and there are no exclusions or loading applied in case you claim.

Please click here to know more about claims for Coronavirus or contact us on 1860-500-8888.

Government helpline number for Coronavirus related queries.


Here is the list of government approved labs to conduct Coronavirus testing.

Click here for the list

If you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms, please reach out to one of the above listed facilities.