10 healthy resolutions to make this Dussehra

10 healthy resolutions to make this Dussehra

10 healthy resolutions to make this dussehra

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10 healthy resolutions to make this Dussehra

Max Bupa

22 October 2020

The ongoing pandemic has put into perspective the importance of a healthy mind and body. It has made people realise that despite being healthy and fit, all it takes a small trigger to fall sick. And while buying health insurance plan such as the Health Companion – Family Insurance Plan by Max Bupa can enable you to secure an outer safety net during health emergencies, there are a few simple practices that can help you achieve optimum physical and mental health.

So, this Dussehra, as you celebrate the victory of good over evil, go a step forward by resolving to undertake a journey towards good health. Here are 10 habits you must follow

1) Prioritise your mental health

While you often look after your physical health either by exercising and eating healthy, you may tend to ignore what and how you truly feel on the inside. It is important to stop and pay attention to your emotions; be it stress, anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth and motivation or anything else. Work towards mending these negative feeling that might be affecting your well-being. Seek advice or talk to a trusted person if your mental health doesn’t feel at par. End the stigma around the topic and make mental health your topmost priority.

2) Cultivate a positive outlook

In a bid to ensure overall health, it is necessary to cultivate a positive attitude. Understand your thinking patterns towards certain situations and check if your reactions are positive or negative. If your thoughts are negative, pessimistic and discouraging, work towards adopting a more positive outlook. At the same time, do not punish yourself for feeling low or sad. While it is only human to feel a range of emotions, it is important is to keep faith in the good consciously.

3) Cater to your physical health

With the lockdown, your physical movement has been hampered to a great extent. However, this is no excuse to put fitness on the back pedestal. Make sure to incorporate physical activity in your daily routines such as home workouts, outdoor exercise, running, and brisk walking. Avoid falling into the trap of sleeping too much and overeating. Maintain a healthy diet, but don't resist from indulging in some sweets and indian delicacies this festive season!

4) Make time for your passions and hobbies

The extended lockdown allowed people to rekindle with their hobbies. Keeping up with your passions can help you evade boredom and negative thoughts and reignite the lost spark of life. Be it cooking, dancing, painting, sports or anything else - embrace your hobbies or learn a new art this Dussehra!

5) Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Owing to the work-from-home routine, many of you have gone overboard with your office commitments. And even otherwise, some of you are struggling to maintain a work-life balance with the blurring of office time and personal time. Therefore, to avoid burnout, it’s time to bring about a change! Set some healthy boundaries at work and try not to take up tasks beyond the designated hours. At the end of a day’s work, unwind by doing things you enjoy. And don’t forget to spend quality time with family and share a laugh with friends every once in a while!

6) Take care of your loved ones

While getting busy in the rat race, you might often forget to check up on your near and dear ones. At times, it is important to go beyond the mundane chats and have a heart to heart conversation with your loved ones. Lend a listening ear and a helping hand and ensure that you are always available there to support them.

7) Get Insured

To financially safeguard your family during a health crisis, buy health insurance for your family and yourself. It is better to be safe than sorry and protect yourself from the unseen perils of life. However, before zeroing in on a policy, don’t’ forget to Compare health insurance plans to make the best pick!

8) Define financial goals

Instead of worrying about increased expenses during the festive season, it is advisable to set financial goals and adhere to them. Define where you want to reach financially and plan to get there at a steady pace. Look at ways to increase your passive and active income, and save effectively. Most importantly, build a contingency or emergency fund ready. In this regard, buying a health insurance plan will help you deal with medical inflation and unexpected health or hospitalisation needs.

9) Steer clear of the comparison trap

Aim high, but don’t constantly compare yourself to other’s achievements. Each of you is unique with your own journey and experiences, and there is no fixed progress chart that everyone must follow. Besides, it is easy to get bogged down by looking at how far your peers have gone in their lives. Therefore, learn to say “no” to comparisons and define your own story and timeline this festive season!

10) Strive for happiness and peace

Choose happiness and peace, which is long term, instead of hiding behind materialistic pleasures. Several problems and challenges may surround you, so make the most of the positive energy this festive season and make amends with your inner conflicts. And learn to feel grateful for everything that you have in life.

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