Avoid these common lifestyle mistakes

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We think our health habits are on point with every cup of green tea we drink or every time we order a salad. Often, we ignore the small things that we do every day which leads to an unhealthy body. Avoiding simple lifestyle mistakes can help us enjoy good health.

We all have those shows to binge. We spend hours completing one more episode thinking this will the last and by the time we sleep, it affects our normal sleeping cycle. For those who work, they end up getting little or no sleep as they rush to their workplaces again in the morning, feeling sleepy the entire day. Repetition of this habit has serious implications on not only our bodies (fatigue, high acid level, poor digestion, etc.) it takes a toll on our minds as well – often leading to depression.



Always in a rush, aren’t we? It’s cool to skip the breakfast and have brunch sometime close to the lunch hours. It might look to you as a habit which doesn’t affect your body, but there are ample instances which show the adverse effects of missing breakfast every day. Not only it leads to weight gain, acidity, low pressure and many such problems wreck you in the long run. Squeeze sometime in your busy schedule and leave for work only after your breakfast!



Working day in day out will help you boost your chances of appraisal, but it will give you a hard blow when it comes to your health. Back pain, muscle pulls, cervical, etc – all result from faulty postures and long hours of sitting in our workstations or at home, on our couch.

Go on a walk after regular intervals and practice freehand stretches and exercises to keep such ailments at bay.


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