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6 Ways to #ExYourExcuse for a healthier you


“Oh, it’s too hot to workout!”

“I will start exercising from next month for sure.”

“I have tried plenty of diets, it’s just not my cup of tea.”

Most of us have quite an appetite for food and excuses. It’s time to break the habit and cut both, the calories and the alibis. Here’s how to tackle some of the top excuses for not leading a healthy lifestyle:

Excuse #1: I’ll workout from tomorrow

Reality: That tomorrow never comes

This is one of the lines which we all tend to use. Rather than procrastinating, it is important to take the first step and start with some physical activity right away. You don’t have to start with vigorous treadmill sessions or run a marathon on day 1. A quick walk or sprint is just as effective. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, people who work out for at least 150 minutes per week live longer and are healthier. Start from today with maybe just a few minutes of exercise and increase your load gradually. You have 10,080 minutes in a week. Surely, you can take out 150 minutes for yourself! Your time starts now!

Excuse #2: I am feeling low

Reality: Get your mojo back with fitness

We all have our ups and downs, however, that does not mean your diet goes for a toss. We often love to indulge in junk food and desserts when the chips are down because it makes us feel good in the short-term. Physical exercise is known to improve your mood and mental health. So, the next time, when you are feeling low, gather your thoughts and just go out for a long walk. You can even hit the gym to channel that negative energy in a positive direction.

Excuse #3: I am too busy

Reality: If you can make time for Netflix and IPL then why not exercise

This excuse is a classic. If you can make time for Netflix or going out with friends,then you can make time for your health as well. However, if time is limited then you can look at high-intensity 7-10-minute workout sessions.
You can also look at building in activities in your daily routine. Have a meeting while walking. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Walk to your workplace if you stay close to your office. Buy the groceries and walk home. These small activities can go a long way in making you fitter.

Excuse#4: Veggies are not for me

Reality: They are for you, you just need to give them a twist

It’s disappointing to see that many of us do not eat enough vegetables. Somehow, they have always been projected as boring. However, veggiesare power-packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and are important for a well-rounded diet. If you are bored of the regular cooked vegetables, get innovative by tossing them in a salad with a nice dressing or including them in your pasta.

Excuse#5: I have kids

Reality: Your kids can be a part of your active day

If managing your children leaves you little time to look after your fitness, then combine the two. Go to the park and play Frisbee together or if you have a toddler then put her in a stroller and go for a walk. It’s important to be consistent but you don’t need to follow afixed exercise regime.
Team up with another parent so you have an exercise buddy. You need to be healthy for your children, they should be a big reason to be active, not your biggest excuse.

Excuse#6: I am on a holiday.

Reality: Your diet doesn’t need to be.

Ok, holidays are all about fun and games, which includes a free breakfast too along with your stay. But that does not mean you fill up your plates twice at the breakfast buffet. Rather, kick-start your mornings with the right foods like fruits, muesli and eggs rather than with the sausages. Another thing that works on holidays is intermittent fasting. Have a heavy breakfast and then spend the day sightseeing and wayfaring. This will help you digest the food and get you ready for an early dinner. How about losing weight as the best excuse for your next holiday?
There will always be plenty of excuses not to work out. But there are always more ways to keep your mind, body and soul fit. So, it’s your choice, excuses or exercise?

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