Walk for Health

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Walk for Health

Max Bupa

01 February 2019

Walk Your Way To Health

Walking is the simplest and most inclusive form of physical activity. Just 15 minutes a day of brisk walk can have significant health benefits, even adding up to three years to our life expectancy. From doctors to fitness gurus to our grandmothers all have supported walking as a sure shot way to stay fit and healthy.

Statistics show that Indians are more prone to diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. A whopping 75% of adult Indians living in urban areas have either very little or no healthy leisure time for physical activity.  Owing to our genetic constitution and largely unhealthy eating habits, we need nearly double the exercise than people living in countries which have a significantly healthier lifestyle and diet to keep these diseases at bay.

Most urban Indians tend to work very long hours in high pressure jobs generally up to 6 days a week  and are left with no time for regular leisure time physical activity. Time consuming long distance commutes to work makes it even more difficult to squeeze a gym workout into schedules. Walking is a great way to give our bodies much needed exercise, is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and to de-stress too!

- This November join Max Bupa’s Walk for Health and take the first step towards a healthier you. Through this walk, Max Bupa aims to initiate you to a long term sustainable change in your lifestyle to keep you well.

Walk for Health is Max Bupa’s commitment to helping Indian’s live healthier and more successful lives.  Even if you have not done enough walking until now, it is not too late to start now and continue walking towards a healthier future. 

 So what’re you waiting for?  For more details on Max Bupa’s Walk for Health and to register log on to www.walkforhealth.in

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