Facts About Coronavirus You Should Know
Facts About Coronavirus You Should Know
Posted On : 20 February 2021, 7 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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Covid-19 or the novel Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted every facet of human life and caused an almost unforeseen crisis. It has ravaged societies, economies and taken a toll on people's health and well-being.  Amidst the widespread anxiety, fear, confusion and uncertainty due to this deadly contagion, there's a vast amount of misinformation and outright falsehoods about this virus that are spreading unchecked via the internet. These should be curbed so that facts about coronavirus emerge.

At times like these, it's essential that everyone is well-informed and half-baked conspiracies or other patently false assumptions get negated before they end up harming anyone. False and misleading information needs to be regularly refuted to protect people from believing them and injuring themselves. Facts about Covid-19 will enable people to keep themselves safe and avoid panic. Here we will fact-check some of the most commonly circulated claims about the coronavirus:


Most Common Facts about Coronavirus


1. Vitamins and Minerals


While it goes without saying that vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients are essential for a healthy body and to prevent illness. Vitamin C, D, Zinc etc. boost the body's immune response, however, there's no conclusive evidence that proves that these can help treat coronavirus or lessen the severity of it. Taking a balanced diet rich in vitamins and other nutrients is necessary for overall health, but it shouldn’t be mistaken as a remedy for Covid-19. In case of Covid-19, it's best to seek help from doctors.


2. Wearing Masks in the Gym


Covid-induced lockdown led to the shutting down of all public places that tend to get crowded. Once the restrictions lifted and gyms, health clubs etc. reopened, people rushed to make up for the lost time and get back in the groove to fulfil their fitness goals. While it's still strongly recommended to follow social distancing and wear masks, some gym goers wore masks even while working out. They may have done it for extra precaution, but it's actually quite risky. As per the WHO, masks shouldn’t be worn at all while exercising as they can lead to breathing problems. Fabric of the masks can also trap sweat which can cause suffocation. The practise of wearing masks while working out needs to be actively discouraged and instead maintaining safe distance and sanitizing the gym machinery before using it, should be followed.


3. Shoes are Safest


While there is no report as such that shoes can be carriers of Covid-19 virus, but shoes do carry all sorts of bacteria and germs. So, it's best to keep the shoes either outside the home in a designated rack or if you have kids, then at a place that's beyond their reach. It's better to be safest in every way possible.


4. Swimming Precautions


Water bodies have got nothing to do with Covid-19 and swimming is one of the healthiest and most refreshing exercises but coming in close contact to a person does increase the risk of infection. Basic safety and hygiene measures should be followed while swimming to minimize the risk of Covid-19. Crowded pools should be avoided at all cost, masks should be properly worn as soon as you step outside the pool and cover your mouth while in water. In case you experience any symptoms of coronavirus, stay at home, take rest and consult a doctor.


5. 5G


5G is touted to revolutionize telecommunications and internet transmission, but the conspiracy theory that gained traction online that 5G waves cause coronavirus was the most absurd and hilarious. Needless to say, 5G or any other cell phone towers got absolutely nothing to do with either coronavirus or outbreak of any other infectious disease. It spreads either when people come in close contact or virus particles remain in the air. Electronic equipment or wirings have no role in it.  This particular conspiracy theory made a mockery of facts about Covid-19.




During a healthcare crisis of severe magnitude, there is abundance of half-truths, lies, myths and laughable conspiracies. It’s important to expose them so that the real facts about Covid-19 are known to all. Myths about coronavirus pandemic can be really harmful. It’s best to stay safe, follow social distancing and consider buying a health insurance plan for your family.

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