Summer diseases & how to protect yourself against them
Summer diseases & how to protect yourself against them
Posted On : 15 March 2021, 6 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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Summers last for about one-fourth of the year, especially in India. Although summer is much cherished, there’s a downside to the season. The humidity and heat surges during the summer season. This aids the growth of more germs, which in turn leads to more diseases. The excessive heat in the summers can also alter the body temperature and lead to several more illnesses. Many face skin problems in the summer as well.

Hence, it is important for you to not only be aware of the summer diseases that you could be prone to but also to stay prepared. One of the ways to protect yourself against summer disease is to stay prepared with a health insurance policy. The benefits of health insurance are numerous and supremely rewarding when it comes to covering medical expenses. However, it is crucial to decide on the best health insurance plan.


What are summer illnesses?


Summers are known to bring about changes to human physiology, specifically changes to dietary habits and sleep patterns. These changes can sometimes make your body susceptible to diseases that become most potent in the summer months.  Such diseases are commonly known as summer illnesses. Some diseases are very common during the summers. For instance, nearly 40% to 50% of OPD patients in Delhi Hospitals suffer from skin illnesses, sunburns and other related ailments.


The most common summer illnesses


Here are 3 common summer season diseases:


1. Skin problems


Skin problems are one of the most common diseases in the summer season. Fungal infections along with sunburns and rashes occur quite frequently during summers.


Here are 12 common skin diseases in summer:


1. Acne

2. Dry and irritated skin

3. Infection from pedicures and manicures

4. Folliculitis

5. Rashes

6. Melasma

7. Heat rash

8. Sea bather’s eruption

9. Sunburn

10. Sun allergy

11. Swimmer’s itch

12. Swimmer’s ear


In any such case, an existing health insurance plan can come in handy as it would cover the medical expenses of the dermatologist.


2. Food poisoning


One of the most common diseases in summers is food poisoning. Due to the drastic increase in temperature, the growth of fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc. in the food consumed increases. The heat leads to the multiplication of these microorganisms thereby leading to gastric issues and further food poisoning.


3. Heat strokes and headaches


Excessive heat, weakness, and exertion can increase your risk of heat strokes. In addition to heat strokes, headaches can also be caused due to extreme temperatures and heat. In order to keep heat strokes and headaches at bay, ensure that you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoid extreme physical exercises. Instead, you could engage yourself in yoga as a form of exercise during summers.


How can healthcare insurance mitigate your medical expenses from summer diseases?


In accordance with Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, every individual who purchases a mediclaim policy can claim their medical expenses and enjoy tax benefits. With an existing health insurance plan, you can make claims on medical bills for some of these diseases for a tax deduction. So make certain that your health insurance policy accounts for these types of seasonal diseases. In order to claim medical and hospitalization expenses, you need to follow certain processes and withhold your medical invoices and bills.





Summer illnesses can be prevented with certain easy measures. Remember not only to stay aware and cautious but to also be proactive about your health to stay healthy in this season to avoid illnesses and avoid skin problems. In addition, purchasing a health insurance policy can help mitigate the medical expenses in case of any summer illnesses. However, it is important for you to choose the right health insurance before buying health insurance plans. An option to purchase a mediclaim policy can help provide coverage of medical tests, treatment, and hospitalization expenses, and can exempt themselves from tax.








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