What are the Different Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer?
What Are The Different Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer?
Posted On : 09 February 2021, 5 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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The term breast cancer brings about terror in every woman. In today's age, almost everyone knows at least one person being affected by the illness. This is why there is health insurance for women that offer critical illness insurance like cancer insurance for women.

Do review your existing health insurance for any claims regarding breast cancer. Although equipping with female cancer insurance is vital, you also need to know ways to avoid breast cancer.


How to Avoid Breast Cancer?


Although there is women health insurance that provides female cancer insurance, with the rise in medical inflation and hospitalization expenses, it is crucial to safeguard yourself from any risks of cancer. There are different ways to prevent breast cancer. However, just by maintaining one or two ways to prevent breast cancer, you cannot expect to avoid breast cancer. Together all these different ways to prevent breast cancer can aid in bringing a huge impact.


If you want to know how to avoid breast cancer, then you need to follow these simple steps:


1. Keep your Weight Under Control


One way to prevent breast cancer is by keeping weight under control. Although in general, a healthy weight is a necessary goal for everyone, being overweight increases the risk of several different cancers, breast cancer being one of them, especially after hitting menopause.


2. Be Active Physically


Exercising is one of the many ways to prevent breast cancer. Exercise not only keeps your body in good shape but by being physically active for 30 minutes you can reduce any risks of breast cancer.


3. Eat Healthy Food and Try to Avoid Alcohol 


Try to add as many vegetables and fruits to your diet as possible to prevent breast cancer. Although there are health insurance for women, none of them would be helpful if you do not consume alcohol moderately and eat healthier.


4. Avoid Smoking


Even if you're equipped with cancer insurance for women, it won't be of much use if you do not lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoking not only increases the risks of numerous kinds of cancers, heart diseases, and strokes but also bad teeth, wrinkles, and smelly breath. To avoid breast cancer, you have to work on leading a smoke-free life.


5. Try to Avoid Birth Control Pills


If you are above 35 years old or smoke, using birth control pills increases several health-related risks. Although long-term use of the pills does have its benefits, if you want to know how to avoid breast cancer, then avoid taking them.


Other Crucial Risk Factors:


Although there are different ways to prevent breast cancer, there are also innumerable risk factors that you might not have control over. One of the best ways to prevent breast cancer would be to be aware of which factors you fall under and lower the risks accordingly. At a time like this several women health insurance offer female cancer insurance with a good mediclaim policy. Other crucial risk factors include:


  1. 1. Tall height (5'8 or more)
  2. 2. No children
  3. 3. Menopause at the age of 55 or above
  4. 4. First menarche or menstrual period before the age of 12
  5. 5. Any family history with breast cancer
  6. 6. Old age (60 or above)
  7. 7. First childbirth after the age of 35
  8. 8. Any benign history of breast disease (such as atypical hyperplasia)
  9. 9. Dense breasts

If you're concerned about any of the above-mentioned risk factors, then you can always consult a doctor.




Choosing right health insurance can be quite difficult with numerous health insurance policies available in the market. Although family health insurance plans can cover your entire family, they might not be the best health insurance plan for you. Remember that there are many women health insurance providing cancer insurance for women. Even after doing your best to prevent breast cancer, certain risk factors are beyond your hands which is why buying health insurance plans is vital as there are many benefits of health insurance.

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