Tips to Have a Safe Holi
Tips to Have a Safe Holi
Posted On : 01 January 2021, 9 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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Holi is a festival that is full of bright colours and joy. It is added with meeting and greeting family and friends with a lot of amazing food and beautiful gifts. However, this year, there are things that you need to be particularly careful about, considering the existing risks of coronavirus. To have a safe Holi with your loved ones, there are some Holi health tips that you could look at to ensure you play safe Holi.

A bunch of Holi tips would ensure that your loved ones and you get to remain happy at the time of all the festivities without being infected or harmed in any way. Holi festival tips are necessary because the festival involves chances of coming in contact with harmful colours, remaining drenched in water or color for long hours, and interacting with quite a large number of people closely. Read on to learn about some tips before playing Holi:


Holi safety tips on hair-care -


  1. 1. One of the most important Holi tips of all times include the fact that you need to apply a generous amount of oil on your hair before you go out to play with colours. As much as you might hate the all-oily look on your hair, it ensures that the colours and the chemicals in it do not stick to your scalp. To apply a massage on your scalp with the oil is among the age-old Holi tips from our grandmothers!
  2. 2. Remember to tie up your hair into a bun or a braid so that not every part of it gets affected
  3. 3. You may also style your hair with a bandana or a scarf to avoid any colours at all
  4. 4. Wash and cleanse your hair as soon as possible after it has been wet with coloured water
  5. 5. Among Holi safety tips is also the suggestion to use homemade masks or remedies instead of shampoos that contain chemicals while cleansing out the colour from your hair


Holi festival tips on skin-care:


  1. 1. Just as it applies to your hair, applying oil in your skin is also among the most widely known Holi festival tips
  2. 2. You should also apply sunscreen to play safe Holi
  3. 3. Remember to make sure your nails are cut short and you may also apply a coat to avoid getting random colours on them
  4. 4. Wear sunglasses to protect the skin around your eyes and the eyes themselves while you play safe Holi
  5. 5. While you are following all the age-old Holi festival tips on skin-care, also remember that you need to use lukewarm water to cleanse your skin and not be too harsh
  6. 6. Lastly, do remember to moisturise


General precautionary tips before playing Holi -


  1. 1. Drinking enough water is among the important Holi health tips
  2. 2. The most important among all Holi health tips this year would be to ensure no one in the group has a cold or fever.
  3. 3. Among other Holi health tips, you should also remember to not play with cold water to prevent getting the flu and to ensure safety during Holi.
  4. 4. Remember to wash your hands before eating to have a safe Holi.


Things to remember to have a safe Holi


It is important to remember that festivals will keep coming but first you need to ensure you and your loved ones remain in perfect health. To ensure safety during Holi, keep in mind the safe Holi tips and make sure nobody is getting harassed or bullied in any manner. Remember that consent and choice is important, and that there are people allergic to colours who deserve a safe Holi. Speaking of Holi safety tips, you should also avoid alcohol.

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Hence, before heading out to celebrate our country’s most colourful festival, it is important to take all of these precautions.  It is also important to realize that the pandemic is still ongoing, and social distancing is an obvious precaution we all must take. This will help you and your loved ones enjoy the festival and also ensure that there are no unhealthy after-effects of the celebration. 



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