Top 10 Health Checkups And Screenings All Women Should Have
Top 10 Health Checkups & Screenings All Women Should Have
Posted On : 13 January 2021, 6 Months Ago. Health-wellness
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As the world becomes more cautious about health and illness prevention, it is important to know what medical options exist to help you detect early signs of common illnesses. If you are a woman, in particular, there might be certain illnesses that you might be at a higher risk of developing or contracting. One course is, of course, to make sure you are choosing the right health insurance policy for you, to financially protect you against all medical events.


Top 10 Health Checkups & Screenings for Women


Be aware of these medical screenings and health checkups for women that can keep you informed of your health:


1. Mammogram


A mammogram refers to an X-ray screening of the breast tissue and is considered one of the most important female health checkups. This is because, for women, the risk of developing breast cancer increases as they age, making it essential to detect the illness in its early stages. Women above the age of 45 are generally advised to have a mammogram once per year.


2. Pap Smear


Pap smears, a form of screening done to detect cervical cancer, are yet another essential form of health checkups for women. Most doctors recommend that women above the age of 21 should go for pap smears once in every three years. It also helps to have a specific women health insurance plan in place to be prepared for a variety of illnesses.


3. Blood Pressure Screening


While blood pressure diseases are typically associated with men, women are just as likely to develop illnesses related to or induced by high blood pressure, such as hypertension, stroke, and kidney diseases. Women above the age of 20 are advised to have medical checkups for blood pressure once in every two years.


4. Cholesterol Check Up


Similar to blood pressure tests, cholesterol tests should also be included in the essential list of health checkups for women, and are covered by most individual health insurance plans. This is particularly relevant for women who have a history of obesity or heart diseases in their families. Starting from age 20, cholesterol tests should be done every five years.


5. Colonoscopy


It is also important for women to undergo regular medical screenings for colon cancer. Like breast cancer, the risk for contracting the disease tends to increase with growing age. Unlike the other tests, colonoscopies can be done less frequently - once every ten years, after reaching the age of 50.


6. Screening for Bone Density


One of the most overlooked health screening tests that actually should be essential for all women is a medical checkup for bone density. This is to detect any early signs of developing osteoporosis, the risk for which increases significantly after the age of 65. 


7. Blood Sugar Test


Like the other lifestyle diseases mentioned above such as hypertension and heart disease, diabetes is also fairly common in middle-aged women. Most family health insurance plans cover blood sugar tests, and it is advised to have them done every 2-3 years, after the age of 45.


8. Dermatological Tests


Unlike the diseases mentioned above, there is one disease that is more likely to develop in women under the age of 45 - melanoma, or skin cancer. In order to detect early signs of this illness, it is recommended to do regular dermatological screenings and do regular inspections of your skin at home.


9. Hearing and Vision Tests


It is no secret that as the body ages, our essential senses such as seeing and hearing tend to weaken over time. Therefore, in order to catch any hearing and vision ailments early, it is recommended to have regular health screening tests and consult an expert physician as soon as any symptoms arise.


10. Dental Check Up


Regular visits to the dentist are considered essential health checkups for individuals of any age or gender. Not only can your dentist help diagnose any cases of teeth decay or gum infections but can also detect early signs of oral cancer.






All of these health checkups and tests can help you stay up-to-date on your physical health and allow you to be prepared for any medical eventuality that you might experience as a woman. The other thing that complements these tests is purchasing the best health insurance plans, to keep you financially protected should the need ever arise.

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