5 Things to Check Before Health Insurance Renewal
5 Things to Check Before Health Insurance Renewal
Posted On : 20 January 2021, 6 Months Ago. Health-Insurance
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A health insurance policy is typically a year-long; it must be renewed every year. Although insurance providers give a reminder of health insurance renewal, the policyholders are indeed responsible for renewing their policy on time. Doing so will ensure that the continued advantages of the policy, such as waiting times for pre-existing health conditions or no claim bonus accumulation, are not lost. A health insurance policy can expire if not renewed in time and the policyholder is no longer eligible for continued benefits.

Ignorance of the underlying details of the health insurance policy renewal process by policyholders also deprives them of continued benefits and pushes them to begin a new policy, either with the same provider or with a new insurer. Consider the following vital facts that place you in a stronger position in order to ensure that you are not robbed of insurance coverage solely because of your lack of awareness.


Things to Check before Health Insurance Renewal -



1. Health Updates


As a responsible health insurance policyholder, you must contact your insurance provider to update them of any improvement or deterioration in your pre existing health conditions or new health conditions. If you feel that your existing policy is not comprehensive enough and doesn't put you at ease, bring it to your insurers notice. Submit a formal request by writing to the insurer at least 30 days before the current cover expires in order to close the policy.


2. Make an Educated Choice


It is likely that you might have opted for your current health insurance policy based on the advice of an insurance provider or a friend. However, when you renew health insurance plan, you have the option of changing things. Everyone is different, and so the standards for health are also different. The coverage of your insurance just needs to fit your health criteria, and not be dependent on the needs of someone else. When renewing it, you may want to adjust the form of your health insurance policy. You can choose from dedicated policies for senior citizens, hospitalization arrangements, a regular plan for cash benefits, etc.


3. Policy Portability


At the time of the health insurance policy renewal, policyholders can apply for a better coverage policy upgrade or transfer to a new service provider without sacrificing the benefits of continuing the policy. The policyholder must also communicate the same information to the current insurance provider at least 45 days before the expected expiry date of the policy.


4. Premium Payments


To maintain the health insurance policy in place, the policyholder needs to pay the fee owed to the insurance provider. The receipt of the premium charged by the insurer is evidence of the willingness of the policyholder to make use of the plan's benefits


5. Grace Period


If the insured is unable to renew the policy in time, he will be entitled to pay the renewal fee for a grace period of fifteen days by the insurance provider. If, within the defined time, the insured renews the policy, the policy will be valid, and the insured will be eligible for continuing benefits.




In times of need, an expired health insurance policy would not provide you with financial assistance. For you to benefit from health insurance coverage, your policy must be active. Until policy extension, changes in your health condition must be notified to the insurance provider. During the time of health insurance policy renewal, the premium may change depending on your medical condition.

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