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Kids nowadays definitely seem to be more active than ever before. Thanks to all that technology, smart devices and social media. However, there are kids who seem to be more impulsive, hyperactive and inattentive as compared to other children. These behavioural patterns could be a mental condition called ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is primarily found in kids but can also affect adults if not diagnosed at an earlier stage. Here are the three main traits of ADHD:

A hyperactive mode 24X7

These kids have an endless burst of energy. So much so that it makes them extremely fidgety, move on-the-go unnecessarily, and get bored with things fairly quickly. Moreover, they cannot sit at one place nor keep quiet. These attributes result in them being absent-minded and careless.

Physically present. Mentally Absent

Kids with ADHD seem to struggle with paying attention in the classroom and focusing on daily tasks. They are known to daydream a lot, which adds to the problem. Plus, they seem to be highly disorganized and vulnerable to losing things and setting priority. This may affect their grades, activities and social skills with other kids or people around them.

Impulsiveness runs in their pulse

This mental condition makes one extremely impulsive rather than rationale. That’s why people with this mental disorder are found to be extremely impatient. Plus, they live in the present rather than setting long-term goals. Other peculiar habits include, cutting other people’s conversations and activities without taking permission. High on emotion, low on logic, that's another major characteristic of those suffering with ADHD.

Here are some more symptoms

  • Extremely distracted by unrelated thoughts
  • Not paying attention even during face-to-face conversations
  • Procrastination for tasks, especially when a lot of mental effort is required
  • Poor in time management and project completion
  • Seem to lack attention-to-detail
  • Indulge in risky behaviour
  • Seem to be a chatterbox
  • Blurt out answers before other people stop talking
  • Random mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Kids or adults not acting their age

Here are some more symptoms

In the genes

Sometimes, it’s not your child’s fault. ADHD can be a genetic endowment even without you realizing it.

The mystery of chemistry 

Certain chemicals in the brain might be out of sync, which creates mental imbalance.

Brain strain

Certain areas of the brain might not be functioning at full capacity due to an injury.

Toxic Mind

Exposing kids to certain toxic chemicals or materials can put them at high risk for ADHD. This includes lead and other chemicals found in sprays or disinfectants in the house.

Sorting out ADHD 

ADHD takes a toll not only on kids but also the people around them like parents, siblings and friends. Therefore, one needs to treat it patiently and tactfully. 

Reality Check 

ADHD cannot be cured with any medical procedure. However, the good news is that with timely psychological therapy and sound medication, one can cut down the symptoms as well as improve the brain activity and cognitive function. Here’s how to go about it:  

Pill for thought 

There is no magic pill for this condition, however, there are certain stimulants that help to balance the chemicals in the brain. These reduce hyperactivity and increase the focus and learning ability. Only someone with medical expertise and experience with ADHD patients should prescribe these stimulants. That's because they have certain side effects, which can aggravate other health problems like Hypertension and Cardiovascular problems.

We need to talk  

A trained psychotherapist can provide key behavioural patterns and insights through counselling. Moreover, the expert can also enable practical training to improve focus and organizational skills.

Family therapy 

Your family is supposed to be your support pillars. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about this mental condition to them so they can detect it and seek medical help at the earliest. 

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