Mediclaim Policy
How to choose cashless mediclaim policy

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Mediclaim Policy

Max Bupa

12 February 2020

Mediclaim Policy

While there is no way of knowing what tomorrow might bring in terms of a medical emergency, one can ensure that the best possible healthcare is accessible. Health insurance is thus becoming imperative in today’s world, whether for you as an individual or for securing your family’s health. Not only can health insurance ensure that you and your family receive the best possible medical treatment if an emergency arises, but also aims to safeguard your hard earned money.

Benefits of mediclaim policy

Getting health insurance is a smart move in today’s day and age when lifestyle induced diseases are on the rise. Sedentary work, poor eating habits, long working hours, living solo in far flung cities, work related stresses, among other factors, are taking a toll on people from a younger age itself. So, whether you are single or a family person with dependants, it is very important to provide for your own and your family’s health from an early age. Besides this, since you only have to pay a fraction of the actual medical costs if the need arises, your financial stability is not threatened in case of a major medical condition. In fact, mediclaim policy today is so designed that even the total amount payable does not burden your wallet. You can either pay an upfront amount to purchase your insurance or make payments in installments.

Choices available in mediclaim policy

Mediclaim India today is a very developed space, with a range of policies suiting varied requirements. So there are policies available for individuals, couples, nuclear families and even extended families. And there are choices within each of these groups that can fit your requirements. Many organizations today, offer a mediclaim policy for their employees, realizing that today’s working conditions call for promoting employee health. Mediclaim India provides tailor-made health insurance plans according to size of companies, thus making it more accessible to corporates of various sizes. There can be comprehensive health plans for large size corporates, or more affordable mediclaim for small to mid-size companies, that cover not just employees but also up to their extended families.

Characteristics of mediclaim policies

The range of mediclaim India policies today ensure that you do not need to spend more than what you need. Each policy has distinct characteristics that cater to requirements that you feel you might require. For instance, today, there are several plans like ‘Heartbeat’ plan for individuals, couples and nuclear families, that covers pre and post hospitalization medical costs, costs of all day procedures, emergency ambulance costs and hospitalization expenses. ‘Health Assurance’, a plan that provides coverage even for accidental death, child education benefit and direct claim settlement is also an affordable and useful plan. The ‘Health Companion Health Insurance Plan – Health Companion’ plan, by comparison lies somewhere between these two plans.

Which mediclaim you choose is thus based on your requirement, and how you are placed financially and in terms of family support. But one thing is assured; there is a mediclaim plan available for all of us today, to minimize the hassles in our lives.​​


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