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Put that stress to rest

Put that stress to Rest

Stress is like part and parcel of our daily lives now. That’s because we are playing multiple roles and multi-tasking on-the-go. Working longer hours and spending more times on smart devices rather than fitness, has made us prone to unhealthy lifestyles. This situation becomes a perfect breeding ground for stress.

Consider this*:

  • 57% of workers in the corporate sector reported an increase in stress over the last two years
  • 46% of the workforce in firms in India suffer from some  form of stress
  • 43% had a skewed BMI
  • 30% have diabetic risk
  • Another 30% with hypertension

So what causes this stress?

For one, when there are more tasks than you can handle on the plate, it creates tension and anxiousness. This can be on a physical, mental or emotional level.

Stress has its ups too

Stress can also be good, provided it is channelized in the right way. Many athletes are stressed or nervous before a race but then it helps them focus and perform better.

Consistent stress takes a toll

Stress over a long period of time can create an unhealthy mind and body. This includes tiredness, mental block, body ache and sleeping disorders. It can even worsen your existing health conditions and immune system.  

Here’s how to deal with stress?

Make time on your side

Manage your time and tasks by creating a schedule. Complete the most important tasks first. 

Clear out your mind

Prioritize your long-term goals and list them down to get clarity and reduce stress. 

Lifestyle makeover

Relax and unwind for a bit. Rest well and change your lifestyle habits like cutting down on smoking and drinking. 

Express yourself

Keeping thing inside yourself add negativity and stress. As much as possible, put your point forward with a pragmatic and positive approach.

Exercise your mind and body

Exercising is a great stress buster. And by that, we don’t mean going to the gym. Just 30 minutes of walk is good to start with. Try meditation and yoga to beat that stress. 

Pick up a hobby

Everyone has certain passions or hobby and once a while it’s good to pursue them as they have shown to reduce stress. Be it music, painting or even writing.

Folks Therapy

Spend quality time with friends and family as they can guide and support you, which reduces stress.

If you are looking for professional advice, opt for Max Bupa’s GoActive health insurance plan. Unlike other insurance plans, it offers Behavioral Assistance Program. It covers three counselling sessions (through telephonic mode) to provide support, be it pre-marital matters, lifestyle, stress, child and parenting. Give that stress a rest with Max Bupa’s GoActive health insurance plan.

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