6 Ways To Rewire Your Mind For Happiness

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10 July 2019

Ask most people what they want out of their lives and the answer is simple: to be happy. In some ways, even if we don’t say it aloud, we all wish that we could be happier. Making the effort, however, seems overwhelming and difficult. However, we can all make small changes to become happier, that start in our mind.


Here are 6 ways to rewire your mind for happiness that you can practice, starting today.


1.  Dont miss out on positive things

It is easier for us to dwell on how we are surrounded with so much of bad news related to the current pandemic or how we are being held in a lockdown rather than to focus on how we can make the most of this lockdown and instill a positive attitude that would help us get through this phase and come out on the other side stronger. Our brains seem to be wired to focus on the negative rather than the positive. It is quite important to remind oneself of the positive experiences of life. Try to look at your photo albums every now and then, it instantly takes you into the moments of your life that you really enjoyed. Many-a-time, we associate happiness with BIG achievements. Remember to NOT miss out on so many positive little things happening in your life and try to acknowledge them in your mind. This will go a long way in rewiring your mind.

Starting today: Each day try to recall at least one positive experience from your day, before you sleep.


2.  Try to question and challenge negative thoughts

One can never completely eliminate the negative thoughts, as a result of which, they drain one’s happiness. However, whenever facing negative thoughts in your mind, you can question or challenge them. Question whether the constant mind chatter is helping you in any way or simply causing stress. It is often easier to give logical advice to others in distress than to practice it yourself when emotionally stressed.

Starting today: Try to see yourself and your situation through a friend’s eyes and take the advice you would give to a friend in distress.

3.  Work on your immunity and get a family health insurance which will help you feel secure
Minimize the negative and see what steps you can actively take to feel better. Getting a quality Health insurance cover can help in reducing your anxiety. Along with a cover for your health you must work on your immunity and fitness in this lockdown which will help you stay protected. 

Starting today: Let go of small things that don’t really deserve your attention.


4.  Say thank you more often

It is said that gratitude is the attitude of winners. Gratitude boosts levels of serotonin and dopamine - considered as the ‘happy chemicals’ of the brain. So whether it is going to your parents and telling them you are grateful, or thanking a friend for their help, expressing your gratitude both in words and in deeds will make you happier.


Starting today: Try to find ways and means of expressing your gratitude towards those who care, have been of help and matter.


5.  Try to define the meaning and purpose of your life. Try to meaningfully engage in constructive things while focusing on achieving your life goals

Try to reward the constructive efforts you put in to achieve smaller targets leading you towards a sense of self-worth and confidence. It is likely to help you stay motivated. Please do remember: Happiness is all about giving. It is the best gift of health that you can give to yourself and your family and friends. 


  • Dr Sameer Malhotra, Director, Department Of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Max Healthcare 
  • Dr Shreya Singhal, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Department Of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Max Healthcare
  • Ms Anupriya Sircar, Clinical Psychologist, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Max Healthcare


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