A clean house is a healthy house.

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Max Bupa

01 October 2019

The days have begun to smell like Diwali already! Fairy lights adorning the dull buildings, market places flooded with Diyas and Rangoli colors and sweet shops displaying the best of their collection! We all have started shopping a little more – for ourselves and our loved ones. While all of these give us major Diwali feels, nothing quite feels like Diwali unless we get on with our ritual of cleaning our homes! To many, it seems like a celebratory custom but cleanliness of the space around us has crucial health benefits. 

Here are a few tips to keep your house squeaky clean and super healthy all year round.

1. Keep a check on spreading of germs

If you thought washroom is the most contaminated part of your house, you should pay close attention to your kitchen!

Due to water retention in kitchen crevices coupled with food particles, it is often more germ-infested than our washrooms! Cleaning with bleach is the best way to keep germs at bay and make sure the linens used for cleaning kitchen are sanitized after every use. If you keep your kitchen clean, you not only ensure the food coming out it has minimum contamination, you also avoid spreading of germs to the rest of the household.

Pro tip: It is advisable to have kitchen shelves and racks of some impervious material to avoid water retention.

2. Lower chances of asthma and allergy symptoms

You are unaware of how contaminated your indoors can get! Carpets, upholstery and even our bedding are the great hosts of dust particles, making them potent sources of allergy. Dust mites and mold triggers various allergic reactions and severely affect the quality of air. Regular dusting and changing of curtains, covers, bedsheets is required every 7-10 days. This way you can avoid settling down of dust particles. Use of a disinfectant is highly recommended to get rid of microbes and viruses.

Pro tip: Clear the clutter and let go of furniture/household items you don’t need anymore.

3. Lower stress levels

A clean and clutter-free home is bound to uplift your mood. Choose a room freshener with a mild fragrance which will add to the freshness. Coming back home to such a relaxing environment drastically reduces stress. 

Pro tip: You can use essential oil instead of room fresheners for a better effect!


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