Tips to Protect yourself from Coronavirus While Traveling
Tips to protect yourself from Coronavirus while travelling

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Tips to Protect yourself from Coronavirus While Traveling

Max Bupa

04 November 2020

Pandemic used to be a word that was seldom used in regular conversations and mainstream media, much less be a word that described our everyday lives. But, somehow we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic indeed, worrying about masks and sanitizers and vaccines and obsessing over everything we touch. To contain the infection, restrictions have been placed upon travel, and people are being encouraged to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary. Even then, you might have to travel for some urgent and essential need. Under following circumstances, it is vital to take necessary precautions to stay safe during Coronavirus. 


Is Zero-Risk Travel Possible during Coronavirus?


The novel coronavirus is highly contagious. Regardless of age, health or your travel destination, everyone is in risk of exposure. However, following WHO recommended precautionary measures such as frequent washing of hands, use of face masks in public areas and social distancing can go a long way in mitigating the potential risks.


If you must Travel during Coronavirus Pandemic, Ensure Safe Travel


Nations across the globe are actively taking measures to reduce infection rates among their citizens. As a precautionary measure for the same, people are being urged to only step out for essential travel, be it domestic or international, or even local.


The following precautionary measures are backed by experts and go a long way in ensuring safe travel during Coronavirus -


1. Wash your Hands as Frequently as Possible:


To decrease the risk of contracting covid-19, the most important thing you can do is to wash your hands as frequently as possible for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in public transports, airports or public areas where you have had physical contact with surfaces. Carry a hand sanitizer with you always, in case there is no access to soap and water. A sanitiser with an alcohol content of at least 60 per cent is recommended. Ensure regular and thorough cleaning of your hands for safe travel.


2. Avoid Touching your Face and Mouth too Much


The virus is found to remain on surfaces for a long time after it has been touched by infected people. Avoid contact with face and mouth with unwashed hands, especially while and after being in public places.


3. Social distancing


Like any other flu virus such as common cold, proximity can increase chances of infection. Maintain a minimum distance of 3- 6 feet from others while in public areas. Avoid large gatherings completely.


4. Ensure Safe and Clean Environment if Staying in Hotels


If you are to stay in hotels or guesthouses in the course of your travel, ensure they are trusted places who take all precautions and have excellent cleanliness and hygiene. Keep a disinfectant cleaning spray to clean objects you might have to touch frequently.


5. Wear Maska and Gloves


To minimize direct contact with surfaces and protect yourself against infection, wear a mask, and gloves if possible when in public spaces.


6. Seek medical help


If you seem to develop symptoms of coronavirus, immediately self-isolate and seek medical help.


Reality check:

Covid-19 definitely brought the world to a near standstill. Even as governments and medical experts rush to contain its spread and raise awareness about it and how to avoid it, there are many misconceptions prevalent about Covid-19. Some of these myths are about the spread of the virus, some about the age categories that contract it and a lot others about killing the virus. Make sure you’re well updated on the facts of the disease.


Insurance for the Worst Case Scenario:


Even with all safe travel measures, the risk of infection is not nullified. If you do get infected, having a robust health insurance plan goes a long way in covering medical expenses.

The novel coronavirus is something that had never been accounted for. There are many things about it that are yet unknown, and were never imagined. Taking all this into consideration, specialized health insurance plans for Covid-19 such as Max Bupa’s Corona Kavach are a great way to insure your health as well as your family’s, as existing health insurance plans might not cover covid-19.


Corona Kavach Health Insurance Plan:


Max Bupa’s Corona Kavach policy is a covid-19 specific indemnity based medical insurance plan that covers the cost of Coronavirus treatment in India. The Policy offers basic mandatory coverage that is offered on indemnity basis and one optional cover that is offered on benefit Basis. Being an indemnity insurance policy it pays the claim amount as per the hospital bills raised.

It is a digital health insurance plan that offers flexibility in policy terms and hassle-free claims with in-house settlements and claim processing in 30 minutes. The policy is available as an individual insurance plan or as a family insurance plan, thus covering parents and children in the same plan.



Travel during the times of a pandemic should be avoided as much as possible, but sometimes is inevitable. If you must venture out, taking all precautions ensures your safety as well as that of others. Even if the risk can, unfortunately, not be nullified, it can be minimized.  

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